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Ekidna Releases Heavy-Hitting Single "Blurred"

Ekidna is a songwriter, producer and performer from Italy. He grew up playing hard and heavy riffs on guitar with his first band all over the northern region of Italy. Thanks to an extraterrestrial intervention, he discovered electronic music and production and began to travel throughout Europe and the United States, wandering through an ever-evolving soundscape that lead to the release of his first tracks. In his music, you can find an homage to the metal scene as well as nods to alternative electro pop. Love, rage, humans and snakes, welcome to the cave, his mind is the Ekidna.

BuzzMusic is proud to present a single by Ekidna called “Blurred”. The song takes off immediately, with a heavy-hitting beat and raucous synths and vocals. The verse sports vocals that are much more subdued and quiet. They build tension throughout which perfectly sets up the return to each chorus. The song is nicely split up by a bridge with soaring vocals, rich synths, and the beat drops out to highlight these two elements. Aspects of heavy metal can be heard throughout the song, but they are tasteful and often not easy to pick out, making this song an engaging listen. “Blurred” is a catchy single with an eclectic mix of genres.

We highly recommend you check out Ekidna's "Blurred" on Spotify, as well as the artists exclusive interview below!

Could you start by describing your background and what the music scene was like in Italy growing up?

Well, my background is mainly based on rock and metal music, i grew up playing the classics on guitar and at the age of 15 started my first band and wrote my first songs. We played a lot for many years and also had some good response from international labels at some point, but still we were too young and maybe not strong enough to face the difficulties you always find on your path as a musician. Metal has always been a niche everywhere, but in Italy the situation was (and actually is) pretty bad, for all subcultures or genres that are not considered mainstream or profitable, or just "classic Italian". There's no very much room for culture and creativity. Now a big change has been brought by some cool hip hop artist, so happy for that.

Can you tell me anything about your discovery of electronic production and this supposed alien?

Haha yeah, right on the coda of my experience with the band a few years ago I met a brilliant performer and producer from LA that opened up my mind to the possibilities of electronic production and that kind of performance. You know, it may sound stupid, but for a kid that always played distorted guitar and sang the hell out of his lungs, that was a great turning point. I've always loved pop music, and with that knowledge i started writing new material melting together my roots, with new sounds and melodies. I definitely owe to her the fact that I'm doing music right now and the way i'm doing it. So yeah, she's the Alien. 

Who would you say your biggest musical influences are?

I got plenty! I listen to a lot of different music but ok I'll try to say just a few ones: Chris Cornell, Megadeth, Depeche Mode, Grimes, Purity Ring and the Italian Bob Rifo aka The Bloody Beetroots (he's from a town not so far from my place!). I mean, i really should tell you way more names (especially in the Rock scene), but you can easily recall these ones in my songs. A lot of people tell me I remind them of Nine Inch Nails but I find that weird..and cool at the same time.

You have a single, “Blurred”, would you be able to share any particular meaning or message behind the music here?

Blurred is about the constant longing for someone to have on our side. The inability of many people to stay on their own that leads them to call "love" something that just isn't. Too many times we lie to ourselves and to the others just because we are too lazy or afraid to face our demons and our life on our own. I'm happy with this song because I find it very honest, there's also a stripped version of it I recorded during a live session.

What can we hope to see from Ekidna in the future?

After a two years work on production I just started to plan some live shows and intend to play and tour as much as possibile. I miss the live shows and that energy and can't wait to bring this huge sound we built to the clubs and the people, meanwhile i'm working on new songs and productions. Follow me on all social media and Spotify and i promise you there will be a lot of music.


Be in the know with the latest on Ekidna through the artists website and socials:


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