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El Señor Igor Questions Modern Day Spending Habits With, “Le Ventre”

Known as a modern African storyteller, El Señor Igor does this meaning justice with his track “Le Ventre” off his album “Même pas peur.” Always channeling his roots, and thriving by blending the syncopated rhythm of calypso with African folk and acoustic reggae.

His latest hit “Le Ventre” highlights El Señor Igor’s textured lyricism, giving us deep-running stories that range from urban poetry to questioning societal norms. While vocalizing and almost rapping at some points, El Señor Igor shines a light on how easy it is for people to spend money on material objects, but it will never fulfill their soul’s true desire.

Kicking off with brass instrumentals and subtle electric guitar, El Señor Igor wastes no time to wait around and jumps right into “Le Ventre” at full force. His vocals are so pure and melodic, effortlessly displaying his deep-rooted talent and musical abilities. Taking a listen to the lyrics, “Le Ventre,” meaning “The belly,” really has a deeper meaning. El Señor Igor sings about how modern-day marketing strategies and advertisements will easily sway anyone to continuously purchase, leaving customers to believe that shopping is a way to fill the void. Even with El Señor Igor’s administrative belly, he still wants a digestive from time to time. Providing a track that makes us more aware of big corporations and their mindsets, El Señor Igor’s “Le Ventre,” leaves us questioning how we fulfill our desires.

Hey El Señor Igor, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re very excited to feature your recent conceptual track “Le Ventre”. What was the main message that drove you to create the song, and also that you wanted listeners to takeaway?

Opulence depends on everything. a criticism of consumer society. I want my fans to remember that we don't have to get so much

Speaking on one particular lyric within “Le Ventre”, “It’s true that with my big administrative belly, I still want a digestive”. Is this relating to giving in to societal norms? Could you expand on what you meant by this?

These lyrics mean that when I am at the top of opulence, I want more. A little digestive to finish my feast.

Within your song “Le Ventre” the instrumentals stand out through incredible melodies and great energy. How did El Señor Igor want to shape the instrumentals in order to help emphasize the theme of the song?

The trombones take a solemn march to illustrate the heaviness of a well-established social class. The energy of the melodic guitar highlights the violence of this opulent behavior.

Seeing as “Le Ventre” surrounds a very conceptual and deep theme, we’d like to ask how this song fits in with El Señor Igor’s album “Même pas peur”? Was there a storyline in place for the entire album as well?

This song would be a painting of our current western society. It is placed in the storyline of the travel theme of the album "Même pas peur" ( even not afraid ). 

What can fans anticipate next from you El Señor Igor?

A new video and a new album


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