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“Electric Raven” by Kyunaa Hits with Impact

Born in Russia and later moved to Cyprus, Kyunaa has been producing music since the age of 13. His new song “Electric Raven” is a fantastic song, one with a surprisingly simple yet addictive hook, a haunting vocal delivery, and some soundscapes that provoke a much deeper level of thinking than the vast majority of electro-pop releases.

“Electric Raven” gets better with each revisit, proving to be incredibly original in more ways than one, but also utilizing a few well-placed captivating elements just to make sure your attention is held the whole way through. While it sounds great at first, each re-visit allows the lyrics to stand a little taller, and with that, you notice more intricacies and details that further underline the concept of the writing. It's an artistic piece at work, every layer building further on the ideas and the poetry within, and for all of these reasons, “Electric Raven” is a pleasure to lose yourself in. Though the drop never quite hits with heavyweight, the ongoing melodic aspects help create something a little more composed in a classical sense. Its consistency helps to express the underlying story and purpose. “Electric Raven” creates something enjoyable and memorable for its listeners. Kyunaa is an artist worth looking out for.

Listen to and purchase “Electric Raven” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kyunaa! You’re an incredible artist and producer! What do you hope your listeners take away from “Electric Raven”?

Music-wise, I hope people find a good blend of hard electro and soft, melancholic soundscapes. Lyric-wise, I hope some people find themselves understood and cherished, as this song is a sort of "call to action".

“Electric Raven” blended so many elements together flawlessly. How do you go about crafting something like this? What are the main qualities you try to capture?

I am always looking for maximum clarity and cohesion in production and delivery. It is easy to get lost and confused when trying to put together different genres or styles and end up with a metal-jazz-chiptune-hip-hop-core or something like that. It is important to know where to stop. Secondly, I try to add as many small elements to the instrumentals as possible (I call them "sparkles"), these little glitches or effects that will fill some unimportant gaps in the song. I try to add something every 8 or 12 beats at least. At the same time, too many things in the mix at once can lead to the metal-jazz-chiptune effect, so again, it is vital to know the difference between being smart and trying to be smart. 

What have been the main changes you’ve noticed in the music industry within the time you’ve been making music?

I started making music in this "transitional" era, when everything was already digital, quick and beginner-friendly, but not friendly enough to provide you with the comfort and availability that is present today. Today, everyone who is anyone can acquire whatever skill or knowledge they want. There are countless lessons and tutorials available for free, all within a few-word search. When I just started, I was fortunate enough to have a friend around who was more experienced and, even more essentially, critical of what I was doing. He provided me with vital lessons and introductions, while also encouraging me. Today you don't even need a friend, because all that I mentioned and even more can be obtained for free from numerous sources - lessons and tutorials on Youtube, critical and positive feedback on the likes of Reddit, Discord, etc. All that keeps us from learning and self-improving today is ourselves.

What's the most integral element to your music that you find is always integrated into every track you produce?

Melancholy and some introspective lyrics, these feel very natural to me. I also try to add hooks for listeners, in one form or another.

Thank you so much for chatting with us, it’s been a pleasure to feature “Electric Raven” on our platform! What can you tell us about what you’re working on next?

Trying to put an EP together, to be released around February next year. Before that, I will drop a few songs to keep things interesting.


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