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Electro-Funk Collective The Winachi Tribe Team Up With I Kong In “Parasites Paradise”

The Winachi Tribe's rise in a relatively short space of time has been astonishing. From humble beginnings as the UK’s North West Electro Funk underdogs, to collaborating with a large impressive cast of legendary names from the world of music and acting, gaining major press and airplay all over the world and touring both the U.K & LA. In collaboration with I Kong, Jamaican Reggae royalty, they release “Parasites Paradise”.

“Parasites Paradise” features musical warmth and thickness of certain moments. The lead vocals have a consistent delicacy to it that keeps a strong dynamic alive and well throughout the entire release. By the time the song has finished, those vocal snippets that introduce it and run throughout are likely to be the main thing you take away. The Winachi Tribe manages to balance a clear understanding of music with a sheer passion for melody and originality. “Parasites Paradise” is everything a summer hit should be, likely to appeal across generations of funk lovers, but also highly likely to prove to be a timeless more genre-free hit. Electro-Funk music meets with the entrancing rhythms of I Kong to produce something completely immersive and uplifting.

I highly recommend you listen to “Parasites Paradise” here and read more with The Winachi Tribe below!


Hey, welcome to BuzzMusic!  For those who don’t know, what is The Winachi Tribe?

The Winachi Tribe is an electro funk sonic soul collective from the north of England. We're known for fusing many different musical genre's together including Funk, HipHop, House Music, Soul, Rock to make our own unique Winachi sound. We approach the creation of our music with an open mind, there's no set formula. We have a collective attitude which has led to us collaborating with a wide range of legendary names from the world of music and film including 'Howie B' 'Tommy Flanagan' 'John X' 'Keith Allen 'Danny Saber' 'I Kong' 'Rowetta' 'Alabama 3' 'Inder Goldfinger' to name but a few. We've spent the last two years extensively touring the U.K, USA (West Coast) & Europe (Italy & France). Los Angeles has become our second home. We toured the west coast twice in 2018, playing high profile shows with 'The Charlatans' at 'The Teragram Ballroom', x2 LIVE sessions for 'Behriner' as part of their 'Artist Profile Series', a TV appearance on 'Trojan TV' filmed at 'USC' and a headline show at 'Harvard & Stone' on Hollywood Boulevard. We filmed the video for our single 'A Room With A Zoo' in 2016 with Hollywood royalty Tommy Flanagan (Sons Of Anarchy) in Malibu and have just finished working on our album with legendary producer John X (David Bowie / The Rolling Stones) at the most beautiful studio in the world 'Earthstar Creation Center' in Venice...L.A has been good to Winachi!!! haha 'The Winachi Tribe' is it's own unique entity...we do things our way at our own's infectious, once you're in the Tribe you're never leaving. 

Where did your musical journey begin, and what is it about the art form that keeps you involved and passionate about creating?

Our musical journey as 'The Winachi Tribe' started in 2015, we emerged from a previous band called 'China White'. Because of the controversy that surrounded our previous name we changed it to 'The Winachi Tribe' was the best thing we ever did. Since then we've been on a journey that's impossible to put into words, it's taken us to places we could never of imagined and done things that most people would only dream of...we're very privileged to do what we do and we don't don't take it for granted at all. But everything we've achieved and experienced we've worked for, worked REALLY hard for so we deserve it. You only get out what you put in...and obviously you need to be good at what you do...and we're more than good...we're the best. 

Tell us about your single “Parasites Paradise”! What inspired this song?

Parasites Paradise' is a collaboration with Jamaican reggae legend 'I Kong'. It's a fusion of Roots Reggae and Disco Funk Rock. The collaboration was set up by Tony Zhu, the manager of our Chinese record label 'Handshake Records'. 'I Kong' although Jamaican is of Chinese decent and is one the biggest Reggae stars in China / Asia...the guy is genuinely Reggae Royalty!!! It was a huge honour to collaborate with him on this release and he and his Son Shaquille have been nothing but hugely supportive in the promotion of the single. The concept of the track was loosely based on the parasites of the music business and rising above them. It's a positive song about a negative subject. It's got one hell of a groove too...go check it out!!! Heavy duty Table playing from Mr. Inder Goldfinger!!! It's received major airplay all over the world from the BBC to KCRW. Me and Shaquille Kong are looking to collaborate on something in the very near future so keep your eyes and ears peeled people...something BIG is coming over the mountain #GlobalTribe!!!

Have you collaborated with I Kong before?

No this was the first time we'd worked with 'I Kong'...but hopefully it wont be the last!!! Like I said, me and Shaquille Kong are gonna be working on something, more news on that soon!!!

What’s your plan creatively throughout the rest of 2019, and what’s the bigger picture for you, where do you hope to take things?

We have a short tour of the South Of France coming up the end of August. Then we have some BIG announcements coming regarding our collaboration with Iconic Italian fashion brand 'Pantofola d'Oro'. We're due to head back to L.A in November for a series of shows & press. Plus we have a number of U.K dates in Autumn - 14th September - 'Old Saw Mill Garden Party' (Headline // Lenthor Farm) // 5th October - 'Bowlers '(Madchester Event // Headline // Manchester) - 29th October 'An Evening With Shaun Ryder' (City Varieties Music Hall // Leeds).


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