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Elektra Prince Exceeds All Norms With the Release of His New Hit, “Expectations”

Hollywood-based electronic dance artist Elektra Prince, the self-taught producer, has been honing his craft since 2016 with a career that began under his legal name Brad Sinesi.

Going on to release his debut single 'One More Night,' followed by two more singles and a full-length album under his given name, it wasn’t until May 2021 where he rebranded under the moniker, Elektra Prince. Known for his ambition and inimitable style when it comes to his artistry and persona, the charisma he embodies has always remained consistent no matter what alias he adopts.

Now bringing listeners a healthy dose of genre-bending fusion, the production wizard has released the hit single “Expectations.” Presented to us as a thriving, bass-heavy pop vocal-led composition that is sure to get your body moving, there’s no denying the rush that you’ll feel when tuning into Elektra Prince.

As we’re eager to go further in-depth with Elektra Prince on the release of the memorable “Expectations,” we hope you’ll stay tuned for the exclusive BuzzMusic interview to come soon.

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