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Elena Ramona Premieres A Perfect Summer Anthem With Her Latest “Soul Sing”

We present to you BuzzMusic listeners Elena Ramona—the next pop superstar (we mean it). Elena Ramona definitely entrances her listeners and is able to make them feel as if they’re living a completely different life when listening to her songs. As a singer/songwriter, Elena brings a lot of unique ideas to her music, as her determination throughout her musical career so far, combined with her already potent success, is a mixture for curating magic. Already featured on magazines in the UK, Elena now brings her obvious talent and inspiration to the Greek Islands.

We’ve already added Elena’s “Soul Sing” to our playlists—it’s the perfect summer bop! Released today, the beat in “Soul Sing" really resonates with you, and adding this song to the perfect weather in Los Angeles today, we’re set for a feel-good kind of day. Besides the catchy tune and soft (yet powering) vocals on Elena’s part, you can tell there was a lot of soul and passion packed into this single. Most only hear and focus on the rhythm of catchy and upbeat pop songs, but with this single, Elena glides her voice along magnificently with the lyricism.

The production on this track was far beyond our expectations—this track sounds like the real deal, and we already know we’re about to hear this on replay on the hottest pop radio stations. To get more specific, Elena Ramona’s “Soul Sing” really stood out to us because it reminds us of that long road trip, windows down, soaking in the sun and having a good day kind of vibe. Not many songs can make you feel like you’re physically in a completely different atmosphere and experience, but Elena does it with absolute grace. With a track record as long as Elena’s, we knew she would deliver with her latest single. Her expertise and overall experience in the music industry has taught her a lot with music, and it really does show in her musical execution. We absolutely love a fun and bubbly single, especially combined with the positive and fun-loving personality of Elena. 

Join us in the fun with Elena’s newest single “Soul Sing” and get to know her in our interview below!

Hi Elena, It's great to chat with you! Welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi everyone, lovely to meet you all, I am a pop singer songwriter based in Surrey UK,  I was raised on the Greek Island of Skiathos and came to the UK to pursue my career in music in 2008.

I have had a blast so far and cannot wait to see what the future holds for me. 

Tell us what it was like to study at the Academy of Contemporary Music! How did this contribute to shaping your career and overall sound as an artist?

Studying at the ACM was a brilliant experience, they gave me the tools and the know-how to become the artist I am today, the tutors are amazing and really know their craft, they will support you throughout your time there and continue to after you graduate. I would strongly recommend the ACM to anyone who is thinking about a serious career in music. 

Congratulations on the release of Soul Sing. Such a powerful song! Tell us about the creation process of the single

I started this particular song with the lyrics, they just flew out and stuck with me, the melody and harmony came shortly after. I wrote this song with my hometown in mind and the happy feeling home gives me, I miss the Greek weather and on the day I wrote the song, it was snowing outside and very cold. I wanted my listeners to feel as if they are at a party on the beach, having an amazing time because that is exactly what I have wanted to do all winter.

This song is also open to interpretation.

What lyric line from Soul Sing do you connect to the most, why?

"Deeper than the ocean's sky your love is crystal clear". I love this line because "ocean's sky" is an oxymoron of sorts, this play on words creates a vivid picture for the listener. 

What's next for you through 2019?

I am planning more releases and gigs this year, my main aim is to break into national radio in the UK and abroad, I am collaborating with various artists and have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline. 


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