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Elena Walter Is Freeing Up Mental Space for Positive Change

If you're looking for an artist who can tell a story and evoke emotion, look no further than Elena Walter.

With her latest release, "Her Man in a Black Hat," Elena tells the story of finding the right person and sharing life together. The song is positive and uplifting and leaves you feeling relaxed and enjoying the journey.

"She doesn't need a prince on a white horse, Just a man she can trust most, She doesn't need a rich sugar daddy, Just to share life after the wedding."

This song is simply beautiful. It is about a woman who is content with the love she has found in a simple man. He may not be wealthy or have a prestigious job, but he is the perfect man for her. The lyrics are romantic and sweet, and the chorus is catchy and easy to remember. The song makes you want to find your man in a black hat and ride off into the sunset with him.

Elena's songwriting process is unique because she does everything from her home. She starts with an idea of the song and works on the chord progression and vocal melody while she writes the lyrics. After a few weeks, she records a demo with her piano playing and vocal and then sends it to the recording studio in Nashville.

Elena Walter works with session musicians to add new layers to her music and create a high-end record.

Her mission as a musician is to write songs that uplift people and free up mental space for new ideas and positive life changes. If you're looking for music that will make you feel good and inspire you to make positive changes in your life, check out Elena Walter's new release, "Her Man in a Black Hat."

In a world that has been administered a break from the old normal, we appreciate your message that inspires listeners to pursue true meaning. What was the defining moment in your life that opened your eyes to the meaning of happiness?

Thank you also for inviting me for the interview! You are right, it's a tough time, and positive thinking prevents me from going crazy about things around. I am a U.S. immigrant who relocated from Russia 3 years ago, and I was fascinated by the beauty of the country. I live in Charlotte, NC, and together with my husband, we often go to the Carolina beaches and to the Smoky Mountains. Nature helps me to free my mind from new song ideas. When I walk along the Atlantic Ocean, I feel a lot of energy and happiness. I have a habit: each time I come to the ocean, I tell the happy story of what happened to me on the previous trip. I kind of collect my happy stories.

Having jumped into the music scene later than most, it seems like you have always been the fearless type that has finally taken space for yourself. How does it feel to be an artist of your own making?

Well, I still have many fears, but age has brought me some advantages – I understand that time flies regardless of what you are doing or not doing. And I decided to do things as much as I could. Honestly, it feels amazing to be an artist of my own making. I discovered a whole new world for me. Ten years ago I started playing piano, two years ago I asked my piano teacher to give me lessons on composing music, after that my first song was released. Finally, I understood even if I write beautiful songs, I have only 50 listeners from my work and family. I started to learn how to get heard and promote my music. It's another new world of music marketing. I love learning new things, and I would say that my music journey became the happiest journey of my life. Each time a new song comes out, I feel euphoric.

Have you met your "Man in a Black Hat?"

Yep, it's my husband! One day, I was sitting on the front porch of our little blue-walls house, drinking coffee and thinking that none of it would be true if not for my lovely husband. He brought me to a paradise, meaning living in Charlotte. We travel a lot together, and he is the biggest fan of my songs.

We must say, what a beautiful song, such pure meaning. We have read a few studies recently that determine that a positive frame of mind makes you more than 30% smarter. Has Man in a Black Hat set a precedent for the music you will produce in the future?

Absolutely! One of my listeners told me she listened to "Her Man in a Black Hat" 10 times daily. Something touched her deeply in this song. Maybe some story with a man in her past. It's a clear sign to me that I am on the right way to creativity. Of course, feeling love is the most used emotion in songs. However, I was trying to convey my emotion in my way, trying to make it more authentic, like you said, to have a pure meaning. As for 30% smarter, I would agree with that. For a living, I do software engineering in the financial sector, which helps me manage my music budget and work with many music software tools. I think I spend 70% of my song process time working in software since we live in a digital world where many things are doable online, including song production. When the song is ready, you need to get heard in the world where Spotify releases 60 000 tracks daily! Somehow you need to go through it. So, it's left and right brain works, and you need to be smarter than usual to proceed in your way.

What's next for you?

Oh, I have big plans. I am working on a new song about a Dreamer defending his/her values. I want to try pitching this song for a movie or a TV Show, like Stranger Things (my favorite!). I know the song for a sync should be very specific because it's more about background music complementing the moment or the character. I learn from professionals. I recently watched the interview with Nora Felder – Music Supervisor from Stranger Things (, where there are only a few subjects in the stories never change love, death, loss, believing in oneself, evil, achieving against all odds, heroicness. Writing a song about this in a universal language, in your way, telling something that makes you special – the key to success. That's what I am going to do next.

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