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Elisabeth Beckwitt Continues to Show off Her Eclectic Style in Melodramatic Single "Fake It"

Residing in Nashville, TN is artist Elisabeth Beckwitt. What kind of artist is she? One that can bring a wide range of sounds and vocal constructs to the music game! As an artist who has gone through a diverse set of experiences, Elisabeth Beckwitt hones in on expressing said experiences to listeners through her music. We love that authentic aspect of her, and how easily she makes her vulnerabilities appear. Her sound is ultimately eccentric and eclectic, which is why we know listeners will easily find a track that resonates best with them.

Elisabeth Beckwitt has released "Fake It" which is a pop single filled with all sorts of drama, as well as a refined range of vocals. Elisabeth Beckwitt takes "Fake It" to showcase her harmonious vocal performance, where she hones in on the concept of "faking it until you make it", where we see a clever sense of wordplay from the pop artist. Elisabeth Beckwitt does have one of those unique voices, a voice where she's able to successfully warp her tone into any environment she lyrically creates. "Fake It" is one of those tracks where you're going to want to focus on the lyrical content. Elisabeth Beckwitt is known for her ability to create that atmosphere that is both stimulating and thought-provoking but also brings a sense of fun and liveliness at the same time! Overall, the most obvious aspect of her music is the passion she envokes, as it's always been clear to us that she has the drive and the motivation to synthesize a variety of soundings that express a variety of messages for her listeners. We hope that she continues on this path in the future with her music, and we're hopeful for the new music to come.

Discover "Fake It" by Elisabeth Beckwitt here.


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