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elishéva Pulls Us Into the Depths of Desire With, "Undercover"

Hailing from Paris, France, the dreamy singer-songwriter and jazz/alternative artist elishéva releases her sultry and alluring single, "Undercover."

Taking a year off of school at Berklee College of Music to focus on writing and producing her original works, elishéva plans to return back to school this fall. With help from her savory and delicious vocal stylings, elishéva has landed high-profile gigs like opening for Chaka Khan, performing as a vocalist in Time Out Vocal Jazz, and the Downbeat award-winning groups Point of Departure and the Advanced Vocal Jazz Ensemble.

Recently releasing her elusive single, "Undercover," listeners are able to fully introduce themselves to the sweet stylings of elishéva through her mysterious vocal portrayal and haunting sonic undertones. As she explores a desirous lyrical theme, elishéva paints incredibly passionate images for her audience to savor and relate.

Listening to "Undercover," the song gently opens with a haunting array of guitars that soak our speakers in lust and desire. As elishéva makes her soothing and haunting vocal appearance, she jumps into the song's theme right off the bat and expands on her innate desire to chase the man of her dreams while doing so "Undercover."

We can't get enough of the song's chilling and mysterious atmosphere, especially as a deep bassline and haunting harp make their way in while seeping through our speakers with the utmost passion and sensuality. As elishéva closes the song off with her delicious Billie Eilish-Esque vocal stylings, we're left in need of more elusive and sexually inclined singles like this.

Douse yourself in the passion and desire of elishéva's latest single, "Undercover," available on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic, elishéva, we're truly in awe of the mysterious and sensual atmosphere you've delivered within your latest single, "Undercover." What inspired you to create a song based on getting to know someone in an undercover way?

Honestly, this song has been through a lot and so have I hahaha. It used to be called "Standby" and was about waiting for someone until they're ready for you. This year I found myself and my worth and realized "Standby" wasn't it anymore. I loved the 007 vibes and definitely wanted to keep it, so I decided to make it more interesting and have me in control. I loved the idea of being on a mission to have someone fall in love with you, so I wrote it.

Did you create the instrumental arrangements and sonics for "Undercover?" What was your creative process like when crafting the sonic atmosphere?

I worked closely with my producer, Fryderyk HD, to create this ambiance. We exchanged for weeks through emails and zoom sessions until it was just right. I arranged the background vocals for the mysterious textures and to really help build the tension. The song was originally arranged for a live band with horns but I knew I wanted a more produced version to make it a little more modern.

If there was one aspect of feeling that listeners could take away from your single, "Undercover," what would you want that to be?

Being sexy, mysterious, confident, and in control. It's a story but it's also a state of mind.

Do you usually release such alluring and haunting pieces like "Undercover?" Or was this single more of an explorative route for you?

I like to think of my sound as "dark pop," I just released a first single, "Bring Me Back," and it's also in the same realm as "Undercover." I'm keeping an open mind in music though, I really wanna let myself explore whatever sounds come to me. "Undercover" is definitely a love letter to myself, filled with the colors and influences that have shaped me as a musician and artist.



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