Ella Bee Delivers a Strong Message in Her Latest Release, "Porcelain Doll"

Ella Bee is a 21-year-old singer and songwriter in South East London, UK. Originally from Sydney, Australia, she made the decision to move to South East London to become fully involved in her music. Performing at many venues in London (The Roadhouse, The Scotiabank Centre), Ella Bee gives many notable performances regularly. Additionally, she isn’t afraid to step into the studio, as she also attends writing camps and music conferences.

Ella Bee recently teamed up with producer Lewis Campbell and released her new single “Porcelain Doll”, and with cool and collective sounds, she's able to deliver an individualistic environment while captivating listeners and we can't get enough of it. Why? The message behind this song is something we stand behind.

“Porcelain Doll” begins with a swelling synthesizer, giving movement to the song immediately. Joining in soon after is a kick and snare drum, which adds even more flow to the song. As the instrumentation pours in, “Porcelain Doll” forms an obsessive sound that sounds different and unique compared to other work we've heard from Ella Bee. The mix of rock and R&B elements showcase the musical ability and knowledge Ella Bee has throughout the track. The message this song delivers is strong. It's about shining a light on vulnerability and fragility and how our throwaway-dating culture can lead to forming toxic friendships and relationships, even though we might not see it coming. All in all, this song is about respect and how we deserve nothing less.