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Elle Baez Gifts a Beautiful, Haunting New Single “Summer”

Based in Brooklyn, Elle Baez has been creating music with the goal of self-love and discovery, touching the souls of women who listen to her songs. She stays authentic and honest with her lyricism and uses her art to inspire others. “Summer” is the newest single by Elle Baez, an alternative pop track molded for her flowing vocals. She utilizes layering of sounds and voices to her advantage and draws you into the feeling of the song.

Influences from pop, R&B, and jazz are displayed in “Summer”, showing Elle’s ability to blend genres for her own unique sound. The melody is slow-moving and soft, which parallels her lyrics that describe lost love through haunting metaphors. She perfectly paints a picture of looking back on times in our lives when we hadn’t a care in the world, we simply lived and loved without fear, without wondering if we were good enough. It is only when those moments end that we look back with admiration, even if it was for the better. Elle’s vocals are piercing, she enters the song with such ease and delivers her emotions so clearly. Her talent for storytelling is immaculate through “Summer”, a gift that will gravitate listeners towards her music.

Listen to “Summer” by Elle Baez here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Elle Baez, it was such a pleasure to listen to “Summer”! You’ve clearly put so much heart and soul into your music, does performing songs like this ever take you back to the emotion you felt when writing? Or do you feel songs can change their meaning over time?

HI! I’m so glad to be back with BuzzMusic since my release of “Your Lips.” My music is written from a very vulnerable place. I usually write when I’m going through it, at those moments I feel it most. So when I perform my songs, it’s hard not to channel at least some part of that moment. I do that in the studio too, now that I think of it. I guess I do it cuz I want that moment to be heard in my music and my voice. I do believe songs can definitely change over time, but even so, the story behind them stays eerily the same. I wrote songs years ago, that when I sing them now I’m like “woah, okay that’s intense.” 

You briefly compared the idea of “Summer” to the uncertain state of the world right now, are you still currently making music? How do you feel music can be a source of healing in these difficult times?

“Summer” was written about a past love that I longed for at a moment I felt so alone. The song to me provokes nostalgia similar to how I think we all in some way want to return to a less turbulent time. It’s true for most of us that we miss moments from our past. We all took for granted the lives we had. So “Summer” can definitely be taken in different ways depending on where this track meets you in life.  I have a few songs I’ve been putting together pre-quarantine and I’m getting ready to release this summer. I have been writing music still now but it feels different. I use music to escape, as most of us do, and now when I write I find myself writing about the past still and not the now. I think the arts are so needed at this time to heal. We are living in such an unknown and music has the power to comfort. I think this time is actually showing us how important the arts are in our day to day lives. I know I miss concerts, going to them and performing, but I’ve been going live on Instagram and Facebook and people have really loved them. Sharing music at this time has been healing for me personally and the love I’ve received from those shows has kept me inspired. 

What brought you to use your platform as an artist to empower and uplift other women? What is one challenge you’ve had to overcome that you feel shaped you as an artist?

I decided very early on that I was going to use my platform to promote body positivity and self-love because I needed that when I was growing up. I knew I had talent, but I thought I could never pursue the arts because I was constantly faced with opposition because I didn’t fit perfectly into the mold. I did theatre growing up, and I was constantly told I was too big to be a leading lady and if I wanted a career I would have to lose weight. But this is how my body was made! I live a very healthy normal lifestyle and I wasn’t about to starve myself to fit someone else’s vision. I felt I had so much to say and that if I put myself out there maybe people would listen and the world could change. We could see female artists of all shapes and sizes and respect them for their talents. And we could all see the beauty in ourselves regardless of size, age, race, sexuality, or gender.

Your storytelling skills are so clearly tuned and defined, especially in “Summer”. How long have you been making music? Describe a moment where you decided this was the path for you.

Thank you so much! have been writing music since I was a little girl but I never took it too seriously until about three years ago. I love telling full stories and taking the listener on a journey during the song. I knew this was my path seriously when I sang my first single “That’s It” in a warehouse in LA. The audience had such a great energy and I felt I was doing exactly what I was meant to do. What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? I am so excited about what’s coming up! My new single “Paint Me” will be coming out soon. It is a body positive love anthem inspired by Titanic and I shot a music video for it as well pre-quarantine! I can’t wait for everyone to see what’s coming.


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