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ellie d. Explodes on Electro-pop Single "Bedtime"

ellie d.'s "Bedtime" is the latest addition to the "four to the floor" trend showing up in indie-pop lately, but here, the mesmeric songstress reshapes the bias with her razor-sharp electro-infused sound. Becoming intimately acquainted with the room she's in, ellie d.'s performance in "Bedtime" diffuses amongst the mix's steamy textures. Backed by an edgy bass contouring the low-end, and a kick drum steady knocking each quarter, Ellie's vocal wanderings and cascading delays thrive amongst subtle widening pads.

Among the standouts is a chugging guitar that stretches the width of the mix, synth pads that warble like glass cups, and a bass guitar that holds authority over the juicy center frequencies. It's got a distinctive saturation to it as if from a tube amp, generating heat as the four-strings vibrate. Opening with "Cause it's a little past bedtime now," ellie d. sounds comfortable in her feather brushed cantor, "and I'm watching tv on the couch, trying hard to tune the voice out, but I think I can get there." The enigmatic spattering of indiscernible echos is reminiscent of psychedelia while the accompanying drum cut through without sounding over-sampled. The song soon turns itself on its side for a moment of release. In the transitional bridge, Ellie's vocals are introduced into what feels like a room that just lost gravity—dropping us into an entirely new experience before landing us back down healthy for the final moments.

This sing provokes ellie d.'s most penetrating and unforgiving groove since her last proceedings in The City. In most ways, it seems to infiltrate a more different region of our hearts: reacquainting some vibe to all the neglected spots left vacant of sonic seasonings. Here, ellie d. follows all her creative impulses and lets the instrumentation enhance and facilitate the texture she achieves: a sunset cruize down an adjacent beach-facing backroad, bass-rumbling as it wavers throughout the top-down car.

Everything seems to flow and blend together well to create the vibe on "Bedtime," how did you manage to create such an appealing groove and texture with your performance?

So awesome you think that, thanks! This song started out as a simple progression on my guitar and very mellow, almost like a lullaby. Then Justin, my amazing producer, came in and brought it to life. We added a bit more groovy guitar and bass to really move the track along and make it flow. I wanted to keep the integrity of my original demo with the dream-like feel but make it pop a bit more. It sort of blends a few emotions and vibes into one which is exactly how I was feeling when I wrote the song…down at times but also hopeful! If you could pick the best scenery and mindset for your music to be enjoyed in, where would that be, and could you describe the experience in a few words?

Ooo I like this question! My music usually stems from times I’m alone and introspective. I would love my music to be enjoyed in places where thoughts run wild and you can let loose and enjoy yourself at the same time. I think the mindset and message in a lot of my music are that sometimes life is hard and shitty, but try to pull the positives out and stay hopeful. Whether it’s driving at sunset, with the windows down, the wind blowing, or late at night in your room reflecting on your experiences, I hope people can find something in each of my songs that relates to what they have been through. What fuels your talent and enthusiasm for infusing fresh approaches to every single that you release this year?

I just love experiencing the process of creating a song from the very start, bare-bones, to where it ends up in the end. It really excites me! I think I’m constantly feeling different emotions or thoughts every day, so I always feel like there is something new to write about. Sometimes I am feeling sassy or positive and sometimes I am feeling down and that’s ok. It’s human nature. I also don’t really write with a specific sound or genre in mind, I just see how I am inspired that day. I want my music and sound to be versatile. I have actually been experimenting a lot during the quarantine.

Are you planning any collaborations or live streams for the end of the summer?

I will be doing an IG Live acoustic set next week! Still figuring out the exact time, but I will be posting about it on my Instagram! Other than that, no set plans because everything is constantly changing! I am working on a lot of new music, I will say that. Some for my artist project and some collabs with other writers and producers. I know the world is crazy right now, but music is keeping me somewhat grounded and giving me an outlet to channel my thoughts into.


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