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Ellison Answers Questions We're All Wondering with His Lively Music Video, "2021"

Coming in hot from Detroit, the Singer/Songwriter, Musician, and Dancer Ellison brightens our future with his latest music video for his Motown single, "2021." Mixing old school R&B with modern Pop elements has led Ellison to his uniquely contemporary yet classic sound. Having worked with Chuck Alkazian, jammed with Kelly Price and Hillsong, and opening for Chaka Khan has allowed Ellison's career to take off with the utmost industry knowledge.

With his lively music video for his single "2021," we see scenes of Ellison grooving away in front of Detroit's skyline while two intriguing female dancers accompany him. Singing an optimistic tune for the future and hoping 2021 brings the abundance we deserve, Ellison serves vast hope for the future while encouraging us to live in the moment.

The music video for "2021" opens with a drone and drive-by shots of Detroit's nightlife and the city's vibrance, all while Ellison and his two background dancers start grooving with the song's Motown approach. We can't help but get this Michael Jackson vibe from Ellison through his black and white themed outfit and low-cut dance shoes.

As the song takes off with energy and Ellison begins singing of the future while asking questions, we're all thinking, he makes it incredibly easy for listeners to get down with his grooves and the video's naturally exhilarating sensation. While continuing to show off his rhythm and dance away to the song's intoxicating instrumentals, Ellison offers a lighthearted and playful vibe that lets listeners take a step back and relax.

With an uplifting music video and an equally stimulating song, Ellison's "2021" allows listeners to sing along with his anthemic lyricism while getting down with the music video's energy and optimism towards a brighter future.

We love the optimism and enthusiasm you've delivered with your music video for "2021." What inspired the video's scenes of you accompanied by background dancers grooving away with the track itself?   


It was something that spoke to me. The idea of showing people enjoying themselves, moving and dancing, and having a good time. That is somewhat antithetical to much of what we're facing now but it's in line with them of the song. 

We've noticed that within your music video for "2021," you deliver incredible rhythm through your refreshing dance moves. Did you have any choreography planned prior to the shoot, or did you come up with your moves on the spot?                   

Thank you. I'm quite the thinker so I did have some specific choreography in mind that I created and worked on ahead of time that we fleshed out when the dancers and I met. We had a very short production window so other parts of it were created right on the spot. As far as myself, I'm very much into moving and dancing in my shows and performances and when I'm not playing guitar or piano it just kind of comes out. 

Within your music video for "2021," there are minor yet vibrant visual effects that add to the video's energy. Did you have any help regarding the video's editing and visual effects?

Yes, I worked with Tonnines Elliott of Melting Pot Media to shoot and edit it. He and his team did a great job of taking the ideas I had in my head and make them a reality. The year is the subject of the song and the listener and watchers see that image over and over. 

We can't help but notice this naturally optimistic flair that you deliver within your music. Would you say this is a common theme for you? Do you usually make music that uplifts the listener? 

Yes! I feel like that's part of the reason we are artists. I believe music is a conversation with the listeners. So then I think about what I want the listeners to hear from me when we're done "talking". There are some songs I right that are heavier but generally speaking I want people to feel more hopeful after listening to me. 

What can we expect to see next from you?

I'm doing a lot of work, interviews, etc in the UK, Australia, and other places around the world. I'm seeing this as an investment in those audiences as I'm going to travel there when things calm down. I'm also always writing so we'll see what else other material may come out. There's also been some talk about the fact that I should already be signed to a label to help me promote my music. So we'll see what happens there. 



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