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Elshay Drops His Debut EP, With Brand New Single ‘Flesh N Blood’

Welcome back to Buzzmusic Elshay! We’re happy to have you here with us. How have things been for you? What would you consider the most monumental moment in your career so far recently?

I would say releasing my first body of work has been the biggest step for me so far in my career. As it gives people an idea of the type of artist I am. And it feels good to have officially introduced myself to the world 

Tell us about your debut EP, “ELSHAY - THE EP”. We heard a significant amount of good vibes from this project. How was it developing this EP? Did you face any challenges?

Originally I began writing the first two tracks for other artists however the more I began to write I realised I was developing a sound and felt quite attached to the songs i was creating. When I then decided that this was going to be a project for me I just had fun with it and took the restraints off of my creativity

Which song off “Elshay - The EP” are you most excited for your listeners to hear and why?

I am excited to hear peoples reaction to ‘Flesh N Blood’ as I feel this is the most experimental track on the project and also a sound I would like to explore more in the future. 

Let’s talk about the songwriting behind your song “Flesh N Blood”. How would you detail it? 

The lyrics in ‘Flesh and Blood’ are quite interesting because they Are completely open to interpretation. I wanted a song that describes love and lust in an artistic way and I wanted to use sentences and words to trigger emotional reactions within the listener.

Do you sometimes surprise yourself as an artist?

I spent so many years struggling with my artistic identity that I’m trying now, to not overthink things when it comes to creating and to trust myself when choosing material for my projects. To be honest the most surprising thing is to hear people’s opinions on my music an who they think I should be as an artist.

What’s next for you Elshay?

I have really enjoyed the process of this whole EP and the reaction, so far, has been incredible. I’m really spurred on to just keep releasing and connecting with my audience, so look out for more music this year. 

Listen to Elshay's brand new single, ‘Flesh N Blood’ here!


Connect with Elshay on social media:

Twitter: @elshaymusic


Facebook: Elshaymusic


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