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Elyssa Plaza is the Perfect Blend of Sweet & Savory

Singer/Songwriter Elyssa Plaza is described as a sweet and savory R&B/Alternative Artist. Plaza prides herself on writing authentic music inspired by her day-to-day experiences.

Plaza has heavy influences from Soul, Jazz, and R&B genres that make her unique. Her music gives listeners the insight to make difficult realizations of their lives while also being able to get down with her the sweet grooves she creates.

Her debut EP "EP," released last November is a collection of four smooth and groovy tunes. In this collection of tracks, she features elements from the greats such as Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, and Daniel Caesar to help her fine-tune her sound.

The focus track of this EP, "Is it Really Love," gives listeners a sweet and sultry earworm to easily get lost in, with the showcase of her stunning vocal range blended over the smooth electric guitar.

Throughout 2020 Plaza has been staying inspired by new music and her personal experiences. Be on the lookout for her next musical release in the months to come.

Discover more about Elyssa Plaza here.


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