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Emartz Embraces His Roots With This Cultural Hit!

Emartz released “Cuban Boy” which begins with a dialogue and cinematic film introduction where after a conversation with another character, Emartz goes to sleep where he enters a dream and begins performing his hit single. With the spanish and islander flare, Emartz delivers a party anthem with full charisma and that suave swagger we love.

The backtrack beat and instrumental reminded me of a popular charting song “I Like It” x Cardi B. The trap spanish banger is great for mainstream appeal while also allowing Emartz to significantly embody his culture and community. It’s fantastic when artists are able to show off their authenticity not only as a public figure but as a person. When artists like Emartz incorporates their background and human character within their music, it makes the song way more connectable from not only a similar audience, but digestible to a wide range of people.

Listen to "Cuban Boy" here and get to know Emartz below in our exclusive interview!

Hi Emartz, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My artist name it's Emartz but my real name is Ernesto Marzoa, that's where my artist name comes from,E from my first name and Martz from my last name,but these days people calls me Cuban boy ahah.

Mind telling our readers a little bit about your upbringing and background?

I was born and raise in Havana Cuba until the age of 14 ,since I was 6 years old I was involved in acting and dancing plays at my school and also underground battles ,but it wasn't until the age of 10 when I got my first microphone and that's when me and my friends from my neighbor will get together in my house and just freestyle on top of Reggaeton beats ,after years of playing around I had my first professional studio session at the age of 12 ,wrote my first song at the age of 13 and from there I never stopped making music ,I'm 21 now and still going with more faith that ever.

Do you have any musical inspirations? If so who and why!?

i always had many inspirations as a kid and now, all the way from the Beatles to bad bunny and many more, it would be unfair giving credit to just one artist because many of them made who I am today.

How would you interpret the meaning behind “Cuban Boy” ?

Cuban boy could be interpret in many ways ,more than anything I was looking to start my career with telling the audience where I come from and who I am ,since I live in Toronto now and the the first language in Canada it's English I wanted to do a balance of both languages ,in the song I talk about characteristics that Cuban boys have growing up ,all the way from having a lot of girls to always having self confidence ahaha, but more than anything describing who I am and protecting a confident image that no matter where you go or how big your dreams are if you believe in them 100% they will become true.

Is there any specific genre of music you aim towards?

There is many genres that I'm aiming for but mainly I'm focus right now on spanish rhythm ,I have an upcoming album that's gonna be coming out on the summer ,and I wanna be the most versatile I could be ,and bring the audience different sounds and try to satisfy as much people as I can ,lots of spanish English music of how most people calls it's Spanglish ahah, I want to be the first artist from Cuba to have a full album with all spanish genres in English and Spanish.


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