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Embark on a Journey With Jaqomo’s Fresh Album 'Shuffle Play'

Jaqomo is delivering the heat this year with the release of their latest album titled 'Shuffle Play'. “Shuffle Play” begins with the eccentric introduction of “Jinn Charmer”. “Jinn Charmer” is a funky but eclectic song with an enticing dance rhythm that makes you want to pump your fist and enjoy the party. The next song that transitions in is “Placebo Effect”. “Placebo Effect” adds a colorful and more delightful aesthetic to 'Shuffle Play'. It was vibrant as well as invigorating.

Bermuda Triangle” demonstrates Jaqomo’s ability to cultivate a paradise-like vibe that reels you in and leaves you mesmerized. “Bermuda Triangle" has an exotic atmosphere that’s perfect for a vacation and to escape in. The next song on 'Shuffle Play', “Chasing Lust” creates a romantic aesthetic with sensational vibes you can share and experience with somebody else. Jaqomo knows exactly how to attract you into his music and leave you wanting more. “Lucid Dream” instantly began with a different kind of arrangement. The elements in “Lucid Dream” were like a synthetic fusion of electropop and techno. It reminded us of a journey you would embark on during a video game.

Just like the title, “Old Soul” went for a more soulful approach with a classic sound of the 70’s synths. “Old Soul” had an upbeat tempo that’s perfect for dancing and becoming lost within the rhythm. “Durango”, was more soft-like in the introduction. Instead, climaxing the dramatics of the song with this twangy hip-hop sound in the elements. “Green Dragon” had a raw boom-bap hip-hop rhythm with a funky dark bass that creates a more haunting aesthetic in the song.

West Coast” automatically began with that old-school low rider bass popular in the California region. “Return To Venus” was an interesting standout addition to the album due to delivering us the freedom to imagine our own setting that compliments this diverse song. Songs like “Depth Perception”, “Jungle Creature”, and “Subliminal Dream” to keep the balance between soft and rapid dynamics. Overall, Jaqomo intrigued us with their processed vocals, driving beats, and experimental synth textures that will blow you away.

Listen to 'Shuffle Play' by Jaqomo here.



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