Emberray Released The Electrifying Hit, “Breaking The Sky”

Emberray is a new Danish heavy metal band that consists of Tue Pedersen on guitar and vocals, Sebastian Lohse on guitar, Rasmus Hansen on drums, and Mathias Bove on bass. Founded in Denmark in 2018, their main purpose has been to make kick-ass metal music and perform it for as many people as possible! Shifting their focus on groove and great riffs.

We took a listen to Emberray single titled “Breaking The Sky” and this record was everything we needed! The arrangement of the instruments was bad-ass. It was head-banging, electrifying, and the energy was exhilarating. However, the melody and vocals were absolutely beautiful. The high dynamic delivery while showing soft underlying textures was immaculate. “Breaking The Sky” is a beautiful single that elevates its listener. With every guitar riff and enticing vocal, you’re upgraded into a higher atmosphere and dimension of the song. Listening to this record I began wondering what the theme could possibly be? The emotional conviction of the lyrics enhances the passion for where it evokes curiosity into the listener. You begin wanting to explore the song in more in-depth measures, discovering what’s around the corner of each line. Emberray could break more than just the sky with this energizing hit!

Listen to "Breaking The Sky" and read more below in our exclusive chat with Emberray!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Emberray! What’s the story behind the cool band name? How did you come up with it?

Finding the right band name was a difficult task. we tried several different names throughout a year or so, but nothing really stuck In the end we kind of agreed on the name “Aries” but then like a week later we decided that we had to come up with something else. Then Tue came up with the name “Emberray” just because it sounded cool, there was no deeper meaning to it, it’s just our name.  

In what ways do you fuse together your multiple personalities into one style and sound?

We are all approximately the same age, and have the same humor, therefore the social aspect is no problem. When it comes to decision making, we usually sit down together and discuss how the song is going to be, and sometimes when we don’t all agree we turn to democracy. when it comes to style and sound, we are all influenced by more or less the same bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Lamb of God and of course Metallica and Megadeth.

“Breaking The Sky” was on point! What was the theme behind creating this?

It started with a riff that Sebastian wrote at home, then he brought it to rehearsal and we all started jamming it. Then it was just about deciding the composition and dynamics. When we had the music down and the outline of the parts Tue started writing the lyrics, this is our usual way of working. The idea was just to write a banger, that sounds cool and makes you want to headbang, all of this had to be accompanied by an uplifting and motivating lyric.

What inspired you to write these lyrics? Collectively, what's your favorite lyric line?

Our favorite lyrics is “My voice is breaking the sky” just because it sounds cool, It also has a lot of meaning behind it; since it’s a broad theme, that is easy interpreted and can be fit to a lot of different situations, about breaking out of a bad habit, or striving for something more and becoming the best version of yourself. Another lyric line we love as well is the first two sentences “all my life I’ve been walking around with a planet on my back, I’ve become the thunder cloud that will make that planet crack” this relates to the other lyric line since it is about having a burden on your back, but you are able to rise above it and overcome. 

What’s next for you Emberray?

Next up, is the release of our first EP, which we are putting the final touches on at the moment. Before the EP release, we will release another single. And then focus is on booking gigs and promoting our material, and get as many new fans as possible. 


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