Embrace the Art of Release with alexdrake.'s, "Let It Go"

Los Angeles-based solo artist alexdrake. ignites his indie/alternative/emo rock sound with roots and influences that tie back to his New Jersey emo pop-punk start.

Carrying a modern style that plays upon the reminiscent rock sounds of the 2000s, and perfectly fusing that together with classic rock attributes, he continues to garner attention as a refreshing take on timeless trademarks.

Portraying a larger-than-life sound that is immediately radiated from the tumultuous percussion in his latest single “Let It Go,” alexdrake. sends a surge of amplified charisma through the soundwaves of his audience. Exemplifying his boisterous persona with a seamless concoction of palatable melodies, the reverberated vocals infiltrate your mind as the lyrical showcase plays into the sweeter side of his heartfelt tenors.

Indulging yourself in the triumphant navigation that the verses tour in order to build up the anticipation driving home the chorus, you’re lost in the texture that reigns supreme in each musical element nuzzled within “Let It Go.” Each word that alexdrake. conveys has a fervent juxtaposition in regards to the musicality as a whole.

No stranger to layering his comforting croons, the harmonics that seep through this piece are extremely tasteful and enhance the vocals in a way that has the performance sitting perfectly centered in the mix. Reminiscing on the days where he was with someone he now has to let go of, the nostalgic essence coincides with the wistful opulence the chugging guitar riffs, and the cadenced bass line hone in on.

“Let It Go” taps into that high voltage effervescence that we love about alexdrake. and his imaginative abilities. Bringing more life to the pop-punk angst we know and hold onto, you can always count on alexdrake. to deliver.

"Let It Go,” has us turning the volume all the way up on this track, congratulations on the release. Could you please take us into the inspiration behind this single? This track is really as simple as it gets. I wanted to write something in the middle of both indie and alt-pop from an instrumentation perspective. The entire song is written around a high harmonic tap on the guitar just looped over and over again with a very straightforward rhythm section; punching drums and driving bass. From a lyrical perspective, the song is fully inspired by 2020 and the lockdown we all endured/are still enduring. It's a message to friends of mine who did not take this time for self-growth and self-reflection but indulged in the latter. Self-sacrificing, stagnant behavior really saddened me. I believe everyone on the planet should always aspire for change and growth to evolve.

In a previous interview, you mentioned that ‘Peace of Mind,’ was tracked in your home studio with Cam Nadler behind the mixing. Was “Let It Go” also handled this way when bringing it to life? "Let It Go" was written and tracked in the same exact way - except Nick (who is featured) took part in some of the home studio writing sessions and really had a producer presence throughout the development process.

What did you find the most challenging part of the process when releasing it to the ears of the public? Would you do anything differently next time? I will be really honest, no challenges here. I am pretty used to the remote collaboration process. It's all a severe learning process for me. My sound will only better and evolve and shift along with me as I grow musically and emotionally.

What has been the highlight of your artistic career this far? Since your previous release have you learned any important lessons that you’re using today? The highlight for me has been to just simply be able to release music that is my own. I look at this series of releases too late to be combined into an EP) as a chapter in my musical life and to only progress and continue on from here. Obviously working with such awesome people who I have looked up to for some time is fantastic. I don't compare myself to others, I don't care if people don't like to appreciate my artform. Nothing bothers me, this is all just passion and happiness projects for me.

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

I'll be releasing one more single likely in the upcoming weeks to conclude this chapter/EP. After that, they can expect me to dive back into an entirely new project (potentially a full band) and continue on developing my sound with new solo and band releases.