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Embrace the "bittersweet," Moments as Dominick James Brings You Into His World

Pennsylvania-based Pop singer-songwriter Dominick James has a unique way of cutting straight to the heart of his listeners’ emotions.

Starting with piano at three years old, he developed a passion for songwriting from an early age. Being strongly influenced by the likes of Jon Bellion, Charlie Puth, and Lauv, this has helped craft Dominick James’ distinctive sound. His style and ability to craft hit records that are also relatable have helped him propel forward and sustain a brand identity that most Indies would rival.

The most recent single from Dominick James has us swimming in a pool of poignant emotion. “bittersweet,” allows the reverberated timbres of his striking croons to burst from the production with texture and charisma. Kicking off with minimalistic instrumentation through the verses, we come to the repetitious hook that has us swaying to the mid-tempo rhythm in a way that locks the words, ‘it’s bittersweet, just let me be,’ into our minds.

We admire the way that the instrumentation hones in on small adaptations as “bittersweet,” carries itself to the end. It provides a sense of dimension that has us gravitating towards the mesmerizing hues illuminating from the soundscape before us. The relatability factor is rather intensified as the nostalgia stirred up has us vividly imagining our own series of images to match the songs’ narrative. Dominick James has a masterful way of storytelling as his songwriting techniques flourish into the evolution of personal experience, backed with compelling melodies.

Establishing a name for himself as a Pop sensation dominating the industry with the infectious grooves he provides listeners, Dominick James is a marvel in his creative genre. Be prepared to be swept off your feet as you take in the therapeutic framework of “bittersweet."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dominick James, and congratulations on the release of “bittersweet.” This song pulled us into its embrace in a deep way. We loved the journey we were taken on! Is there a particular story behind what inspired the creation of this song?

Hey guys! Thanks for having me again! So, it’s a funny story actually. I have a baseball hat that says “bittersweet” on it and that’s what originally inspired the song. From there I just started writing about that feeling you get when you know the relationship is over and you need to move on. It hurts at first but you know it’s what needs to be done to help you grow, and on the other side of it, you feel like a new person.

When creating “bittersweet,” how would you say your mindset was then compared to this present moment? How have you evolved?

I believe I evolve every day. I try to take my past experiences and learn from them to become a better person, let alone a better songwriter. Since writing bittersweet I’ve been taking a different approach lyrically so stay tuned!

With each artist being different, what happens to be your ideal environment to create in? Were you able to create this track in a similar setting?

My ideal environment is in my studio on a nice sunny day, with the windows open listening to the sounds of the day. I usually have a nice big cold brew next to me too. This song was written in that same setting actually, except I think I had two cold brews that day!

What is your mission statement as an artist? How do you ensure that is projected through your brand and music?

I would say my mission statement is definitely just to be genuine to who you are. I would hope that through my songs and lyrics listeners are able to connect to me and relate them back to their own experiences.


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