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Embrace the Engaging Collaboration of Daniel Ojo and Kimberly Ade

Gospel Artist and Worship Leader of The Psalmist Music Ministry, Daniel Ojo, hails from Canada's capital city, Ottawa. Daniel Ojo is a multi-talented musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and passionate worshipper to use his gifts to reach out to many through music and spread the gospel and the love of Jesus everywhere.

Daniel Ojo recruits Kimberly Ade in the flourishing new single, "Dwell Here." Incorporating ethereal tenors in a mind-altering universe of warm vibrations, Daniel Ojo's soothing vocalization trickles into the speakers in the undeniable progression that has this single heightening your senses in the most lucrative manners.

The robust synthesis that allows your mind to slip into the powerful ease of "Dwell Here" washes over us like a capsized wave. Daniel Ojo flaunts his wide-vocal range in an empowering manner that takes the instrumentation's complexity to a new level. Speaking words of worship and faithfulness, Daniel Ojo's vocals gracefully cascade upon the accompaniment of Kimberly Ade's angelic charisma that sprinkles into her larger-than-life vocal performance.

The enthusiasm that is implemented amongst these two artists glides into your headspace as they courageously croon an unforgettable performance that will linger long after the ballad has completed. From delicate essence to the mind-blowing surge of Gospel offerings, "Dwell Here" touches on numerous elements in the intricate layers of perfectly paced rhythm.

This single takes both artists to new heights as they have us floating into their starry-eyed gaze of inimitable passion. We're ecstatic to hear what's in store for these creatives as individuals and artists blossoming into the world before us.

Congratulations on the release of “Dwell Here” featuring Kimberly Ade. With you being based out of Ottawa, Canada, have you found that your environment has played a role in the sound you portray as an artist?

My environment has definitely played a role in the sound I release and that portrays me as a person. There are a lot of really genuine worship leaders and other gospel artists here whose passion for the gospel helps to encourage me also as a worship leader and gospel artist to keep stretching beyond any limit and reaching out to lots of people throughout the world. And I hope to continue to do this for a very long time as God gives the grace.

The collaboration between yourself and Kimberly Ade in “Dwell Here” is beautiful. What was it like working with one another to bring this song to life?

My collaboration with Kimberly Ade was spectacular. She is incredibly gifted and such an amazing singer. She brought so much life to this song. She's fun to work with and has a genuine heart of worship. I am so glad to have worked with her because her heart connects really well to this song.

How long was the creative process for “Dwell Here,” before you released it into the world?

The creative process for "Dwell Here" took less than 2months. From writing the song, getting the music production done, recording the vocals, mixing and mastering, and releasing.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from the messaging in this song?

I am hoping and trusting God this song will birth a hunger and thirst to seek God's presence and prepare our heart as a home for him to dwell. I also hope that this song will birth a deeper relationship with God especially in this pandemic

What's next for you?

I have another music coming up titled "We Lift You High" featuring Benita Jones. Stay Tuned!


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