Embrace The Grunge With Dear Forbidden's New Single "Pledge"

Dear Forbidden is a female fronted band based in Philadelphia who find their roots in 90s grunge, early 60s rock and noise rock. Distorted guitars paint the backdrop for haunting melodies confessed from a letter never meant to be sent. The release of their single "Pledge” carries on this aspect of exposed intimacy and scorching classic rock. The song starts out with distortion in noise before decapitating all our expectations with riveting drums and authentic vocals. Dear Forbidden executes the filthy grime of rock music to its fullest extent. What I love most about the single is most definitely the metaphorical use in lyricism, constructing amusing wordplay and ambiance. Coincidentally, this would have to be the first all-female band I’ve heard in a while to embrace the grunginess of rock and its culture. They’re remotely predictable and far more intriguing to leave you wanting more from them. Dear Forbidden musically attacks their enemies with their revolving sound and influential commitment to their artistry. If they continue to create a story out of a context-less subject, they will be long runners in the music game.

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Mind introducing yourselves to our readers?

We are Gina, Ryan and Steph and have been performing together in this formulation since 2016. I’m on guitar/vocals, Ryan is on bass and Steph on drums. Ryan and I met in high school, and we met Steph in the years after. We had all been playing music independently and in various other friend-configurations until we found our way to each other first in 2014 to play a show under Ryan’s project, Dudikoff and happily again in 2016 as Dear Forbidden. (Ryan is also currently fronting a new project, Needless Ghost, and Steph also provides sweet beats for at best – check them out!!!) They tease me about how I write these sweet, lilting singer/songwriter-y tunes which they then lovingly toss into a blender and make heavy, hence the self-proclaimed monikers of “singer/songwriter metal” and “1950s grunge.”

Who are some of your musical influences and why?

Collectively, I’d say Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt, Sonic Youth, the Breeders, mostly because of the era that we came of age in.  Also Taylor Swift.  We all listen to a somewhat diverse breadth of music and I’d say everything filters into our sound in one way or another, but these are the influences that we probably connect with as a band and project the most.

What’s do you love most about the rock grunge culture?

The noisiness, the DIY aesthetic, the embrace of mistakes, not having to be palatable, the earnestness, the sense of community.

How would you explain the meaning behind Pledge"? Are you planning a music video for "Pledge"?

We are working on a “found footage” video for “Pledge” (i.e. candid iPhone videos we’ve collected over the past few months). We wrote it together right before our release show for our last EP, Slow Beat (11/4/17). The song came together after nearly a year of watching the daily onslaught of trauma unfold in the wake of the 2016 presidential election and wondering if it would ever bottom out. My lyrics tend not to be as straightforward as they are almost always a product of the stream-of-consciousness writing style. For this song, they generally refer to the experience of watching something crumble; the unmitigated rage at being expected and encouraged to accept hypocrisy, the constant questioning of reality at the scale of trauma that’s happening on a worldwide scale by the hands of the current US administration, and the desperation and frenzy to stop the bleeding and mobilize to fight back and reclaim the idea of what the US is supposed to represent.

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