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Embrace the Island Pop Flavor of Conkarah's Latest Single, "Papaya (Sick Wit It Crew Mix)"

Conkarah has emerged as a musical force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, Conkarah is bringing disparate cultures together with his vibrant brand of Island Pop; colorful concoction melding reggae, dancehall, and harmony with classic songwriting, tropical rhythms, and irreverent good humor.

Having surpassed a combined 2 billion global streams and topping charts in over 23 countries with Diamond, Platinum, and Gold certifications, Conkarah is back for the summer with his most recent sonic and visual pairing for “Papaya (Sick Wit It Crew Remix).”

Adding his unique flair of vivacious soundscapes to the realm of Pop, this palatable release resides in the forthcoming EP, ‘Destination Unknown.’ With this piece being written by Conkarah and produced by production architect UNOMAS and DJ Mafi, we are drawn towards the compelling, honeyed nature of the infectious grooves pulsating through our speakers.

We honestly couldn’t be more excited that this tune came sweeping into our sound systems right in time for the heated summer vibes. The vivacity that touches down with this bountiful upbeat instrumentation guides us through the smooth and prevalent vocalization of Conkarah as he charismatically leaves it all on the table.

His larger-than-life persona illuminates the record's brilliant use of lyrical motifs and space when the time calls for it. ‘Your love is sweet like papaya,’ are the words that bury themselves deep into our minds as we get up out of our seats and catch a vibe to this impeccably crafted seasonal escape riddled with colorful melodies.

If the rhythmic essence of this song itself wasn’t enough, “Papaya (Sick Wit It Crew Mix),” gets paired with visuals that immediately transport you to the feel-good vibes wrapped in the animate origin of buoyancy seeping from the intriguing filmic components. Be prepared to be fully invested in this track, as you place it in the queue of your favorite summertime playlists.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Conkarah, and congratulations on your latest single, “Papaya (Sick Wit It Crew Mix).” With your previous single, ‘Banana’ seeing such success on its release, how have listeners been taking in the vibrant vibes of this track?

Thank you for having me! I am really excited about this new single - so far the feedback has been really good and positive, everyone seems to be enjoying the vibes and the Papaya drop challenge on TikTok has been gaining some momentum also which is great, love to see people having fun with my music!

We honestly love the way you pair the song with eye-catching visuals directed by Javier Romero. What was it like bringing this soundscape to life in a visual format?

It was great working with Javier he's very talented and creative. We spoke on the phone before the shoot and he immediately saw the vision I had and on the day of the shoot, the energy and vibes came naturally. I can say it was definitely the most fun I've had on set and I do believe the viewers can feel the vibes when watching!

As an artist who has solidified a unique lane for themselves, how do you constantly find ways to stay motivated with the consistency of your sound?

Music is my passion so I take pride in standing behind the music I put out whether it's tomorrow, next year, or a decade from now. I am still learning, still growing and I see and feel growth in every project I put out so I'm really grateful and enjoying the ride and this musical journey.

Do you find your direct environment and influence on the way that you create music?

The environment does help but truthfully I believe it all comes from within so it doesn't matter where I am, I think when the inspiration hits - it just hits haha.


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