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Embrace The Motions With Shredded Bulbs New Single, “Waterfall”

Shredded Bulbs have been turning heads in their native Austria with a powerful blend of heavy rock guitars, electronic textures, and instantly memorable vocal hooks. A duo with a penchant for world-beating anthems, they serve as a reminder of the enduring allure of rock music. With the release of their most compelling music to date, Shredded Bulbs are on their way to reaching an international audience.

At its core, Shredded Bulbs is a collaboration between Soles and MB Adam. Together, they capture pure and radiant energy - one that will instantly appeal to electronic, pop, and rock fans everywhere. Their goal is to inspire and uplift their audiences, using their guitars and drums to tell meaningful stories of resilience and endurance.

With a genuine sense of love and passion that runs through the soundwaves of Shredded Bulbs’ songs, they get to bask because they deliver an inimitable new voice to music. Crafting an energetic yet artistic ode to togetherness, their recent release of “Waterfall” pulls us deep into a realm that pushes your boundaries and allows you to delve into the expressions showcased freely.

The staple, distorted guitar riffs that set this hypnotic groove in place have us swooning over the textures that are performed. Adding in the smoldering vocal layers that immediately act as a gravitational pull towards ‘Waterfall,’ this gritty yet emotionally evoking presentation has us swaying back and forth to the uniqueness brought forth. Shredded Bulbs has deemed this track a garage rock tour-de-force, full of unexpected turns and instantly memorable hooks. What we can tell you is that they’re right! The innovation that comes from this duo has them exceeding what we anticipated coming into this experience.

“Waterfall” is full of momentum, much like what you’d see out in nature. When we visit these production components that allow us to feel the ebb and flow, that’s how we know we have a bold record on our hands.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Shredded Bulbs, and congratulations on your recently released single, “Waterfall.” This song has such an eclectic flair to it. What inspired this unique ambiance being brought to life? First off, thanks for the compliments! Shredded Bulbs is an absolutely new project for us. In short, we are starting from scratch. The two of us started a creative process and then decided relatively quickly to implement this project. We went into the studio with our ideas, tried out a few promising things, and elaborated our own sound step-by-step. Everything went perfectly and then - boom this pandemic hit us. No concerts, no audience. So, we came to the decision to go straight back into the studio and record Waterfall. The aim was to create music that combines and merges all the musical influences that have shaped us in our musical careers. With you two working together on the creative realm of each piece, could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when bringing this vision to fruition? New music is created very spontaneously. It is a process that has no specific rules. Sometimes the ideas arise in the rehearsal room, sometimes at home in the home studio. Soles usually come up with a basic idea. Jam with these scraps of song and Mike finds the right drumbeat for the first time. The hooks are then usually created very elaboratively and polyphonically at the end. The final touch is then added by Heinz Luschtinez, our production engineer & partner. That is the secret, allowing our music to sound very raw, handmade but still modern, electronic, and full of pop.

In your own words, what do the lyrics professed in “Waterfall” mean to you? "Waterfall" is a song about relationships, connectedness, love, togetherness, strength, and passion. All facets of being together with a beloved partner. All the ups and downs, the obstacles and hurdles that must be overcome to grow, shape, and create together. Life with a loved one special who is worth giving up, enduring pain for. Everything that “ Waterfall” should reflect. The power that is in a waterfall. The water always looks for away, even if there is no obvious way. This is the love that Waterfall describes. The community, the trust that this strength and connection knows no bounds.

How does a track like “Waterfall” compare to other songs in your music catalog?

Shredded Bulbs is a band that has many faces. Diversity is our characteristic. The constants in this interaction remain the catchy hooks and the characteristic voice. But our ultimate goal is to create something independent. People should say: Hey that's shredded bulbs. We don´t want to do this unit pop thing. There aren't that many bands that can claim to create their own typical sound. We hope we succeed. In any case, we will work hard on it and we won't commit to any specific genre. Rock is in our genes, and you would probably even hear it if we would create a purely electronic album. We will always experiment and develop further. But this cross-appeal of listening to Waterfall is our unique selling point and we just love to connect things.

What's next for you?

For us, that was just the start. We want to find our own sound even more and increase our audience. Next up is another single and EP and our debut album is in preparation. We now have a wonderful team around us, and we are working hard towards our goal of creating an album that can consistently captivate and excite the listener. Yes, and then there's the Life Performance to have similar fun in front of a large crowd, playing festivals and spreading the bulb's vibes to the people.


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