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Embrace The Season With Lizzie Hosking’s “Silent Night” From Her New Holiday EP

Adelaide singer-songwriter and avid storyteller Lizzie Hosking blesses our speakers this holiday season with a sweet new rendition of "Silent Night" off her latest Christmas EP, Dreaming Of A White Christmas.

Known for her catchy melodies and fun storytelling, Lizzie Hosking grew up in North Adelaide, Australia, pursuing her passion for music and later storytelling. Having uploaded heaps of content to social media, Lizzie continues on her mission of helping fans and followers realize their self-worth and importance through her lyrics that champion self-love.

"This has been a huge year for me, and being the Christmas lover that I am, I'm so happy to be closing off this chapter with my second EP," Lizzie explains. In Dreaming Of A White Christmas, dedicated to her 92-year-old grandfather, Hosking brings a series of classic holiday tunes to life in honor of her childhood, upbringing, and loved ones.

The project closes with the serene, fan-favorite hit, "Silent Night," which also happens to be her mother's favorite song. Sung beautifully and embracing listeners like a warm hug on a chilly night, it's no wonder this song brought Lizzie's mother to tears. Her raw, angelic vocals are stunning, and they gracefully float through the classic song while bestowing a sense of peace and belonging among listeners.

Towards the song's second half, the background instrumentation expands with what sounds like an entire orchestra, backing Lizzie up with grace and honor. The shimming piano melodies and chilling string section paired with Lizzie Hosking's tender, velvety vocals make this song genuinely irresistible - our favorite Silent Night version yet, not to mention the cinematic, orchestral outro that closes the song with elegance.

If you're looking for a dash of modernity in your Christmas playlist, check out Lizzie Hosking's new holiday EP, Dreaming Of A White Christmas, featuring classics we know and love like "Silent Night." Find the new EP on all digital streaming platforms.

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