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Embrace Yourselves, Dah Tha General Is Back With, "Head Shot"

From the cold streets of Cleveland, John Pointer, professionally known as Dah tha General, came in the game with a gritty flow that speaks directly to the ears of the streets.

Dah tha General’s unpredictable flow and uncut punchlines make him the hood's champion when it comes to keeping it solid. After coming home from doing 4 years in prison, he was inspired to speak for the trappers out in the world that is putting it on the line to go and secure the bag. With his sights set on his passion for music, Dah tha General presents his audience with the hard-hitting single, “Head Shot.”

Using his animated persona to exude a vivacious version of his lyrical dexterity, Dah tha General has his mindset on the bigger picture in, “Head Shot.” Creating a diverse universe that focuses on the emcee fundamentals of the art of Hip-hop, Dah the General carries the weight of the world on his shoulders as he illustrates imagery of being the best to ever do it. The self-assurance that ruptures from his invigorating charisma has you wanting to match the confidence as you turn up the volume a few decibels to recreate the very gravitational pull that he portrays.

The instrumentation remains hard-hitting, yet simplistic at the same time, which is perfect for Dah tha General to grace the track with his overpowering punches in the rhyme schemes that he delivers. Pairing this single with the eye-catching, nostalgic vibrations of the “Head Shot” music video, we are exposed to quick cut scenes of Dah tha General at the barbershop with his crew, representing what they do best.

Surrounded by one another’s company, we have scenes that are featured during the daytime and in the alleyway when the sunlight goes down. Hailing in the superlative leagues, Dah tha General truly brings the heat in, “Head Shot.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dah tha General, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Head Shot.” What was the main story that inspired the creation of this song?

This song is about how I came up from nothing and how people with less than you will still try to bring you down with envy jealousy and hate.

You paired the edgy single with visuals to match the energy. Was this always your vision for the music video concept?

Yes, for the most part, I wanted to give do something to show my flow and rep my city and the same time.

What is a common misconception that people have of you as an artist, and would you like to set it straight?

Most people think I’m just an artist but I have my own label and handle all the music business with my team and no major backing.

How have you grown artistically from the first song you’ve released to this point now?

I think I’ve grown beyond being an artist with where I’m at now I’m more business-oriented now before it was all about rap rap rap but now with my production company Black Dollar Society Productions. it’s about making sure my team and our paperwork are straight now.

What can we expect to see next from you?

The same thing we do every night, “try to take over the world” lol but fr just bigger and better promo and marketing and taking this brand to the next level.



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