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Emerald B Is Rising Up With Her Latest Track “Helium”

Emerald B is a singer/songwriter from Ontario, Canada. Having started her musical career at a young age, she doesn’t let her age affect anything about her musical passions. Her desires for music in return create very emotional, yet inspiring songs. Paired with a soothing voice, fresh tone, and unique cadences, Emerald B’s music will transport the listener to a calm state of mind. Her latest single, "Helium” was released on March 8, 2020. It was inspired by her past struggles with her depression but reflected in a more positive light. With all of her skill and emotion worked into this single, she has the ability to elevated the listener's spirit and soul.

The key part of why "Helium" connects well with its listeners is how well Emerald B constructed her melodies with her lyrics. You can tell that every part of this song was well thought out before recording. She begins her track with simple but beautiful melodies to match her smooth vocals. Additionally, her chorus showcases gorgeous melodic elements without losing the catchy necessities a chorus should have. Not to mention, the pronunciation of syllables in her words is unique and very alluring as well. The instrumental in "Helium" is simple in the fact that there aren’t too many instruments. However, it does an amazing job of backing up Emerald B’s incredible voice. Anyone listening to this song will recognize Emerald B’s talent because of how well she put together every element of her song.

Hey Emerald B! BuzzMusic is very proud to be part of your new release “Helium”. This track touches upon a lot of ideas of depression and mental health. Is that something that you hope you can better connect and reach out to your fans with the release of this song?

Hi, thanks for interviewing me today. Yes, I hope that I can connect and reach out with my fans with the release of this song. I really want it to inspire and help others and know that they they are not alone. Everyone has struggles in life, but they do get better.

The way that you phrase some of your words and melodies are incredibly interesting.  Did you grab inspiration from anyone to do something like that?  Or did you learn from experiences in your musical career thus far?

My inspiration came from my mom. She helped me write this song, and she is amazing with lyric writing. The song was inspired by past experiences and learning about hard times. Also, in the studio at Cleveland Sound Lab, James helped me change some words to improve them.

From reading a post online, everyone is in love with the broadcast version of “Helium”. Did you try to incorporate any elements from that performance into your studio version?

Yes. I picked the location for the video shoot.

Since “Helium” is a single release, will you follow up with an album or ep release in the upcoming year?

I haven’t thought about it yet but I am working on so much more new music and I think that soon I will release an album in the upcoming year.

Thank you for talking with us Emerald B. What can fans expect next from you?

They can expect new music coming soon and maybe an album! Make sure to follow my social media to stay updated on everything new I am doing.


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