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Emilee Moore Takes Her Career To New Heights With “Up In The Sky”

Emilee Moore is an LA-based singer/songwriter and TikTok sensation known for her sweet, airy vocals and evocative lyricism, touching the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Her hit record, "Up In The Sky," was made in tribute to her grandmother—one of the initial victims of COVID in North America—and has transcended to become a cultural phenomenon. Hospital restrictions barred Emilee from bidding her final farewell, a sorrowful experience that fueled the creation of this powerful single.

With 2.5 million direct views and over 20 million through shared creator content, "Up In The Sky" became a universal anthem of loss and healing. "Up In The Sky" is not just a song — it is a cathartic journey, a heartfelt goodbye, and a tribute to those who departed during the pandemic.

The lyrics echo Emilee's longing for her grandmother, expressing the pain of her absence and the hope of her continued presence in spirit. "Where did you go? I miss you so much; I'm all alone. But I can feel you here daily; you're with me." Emilee sings, reflecting her grief but also the universal experience of loss and longing for loved ones who are "up in the sky."

What amplifies the song's impact is the stunning visual element of Emilee's memorable performance, which took place in a hot air balloon, earning the title World's Highest Concert. The balloon served as a celebration of lives lost, providing a moment of solace and an opportunity for healing and closure. Emilee recounts this as the pinnacle of her personal and artistic journey, an event that illustrates her duality as a gifted musician and a visionary.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Emilee Moore, and congratulations on your latest release, "Up in the Sky." With an impressive repertoire of hits to your name, it's clear that you were born to be a musician. Your ethereal vocals and nostalgic melodies make each song an unforgettable listening experience. How did you initially discover your passion for music?

Thank you so much! I grew up in a very musical family. So I was always surrounded by music, which shaped my passion. I started classical piano training at the age of 6 and did that for 11 years, and then I was also in choir and band in elementary and high school. I also grew up in church, and music was a massive part of my experience in that environment. I've always loved it and always knew I wanted it to be a part of my life in some way when I grew up, and now I'm here :)

Which artists, bands, or songs have influenced your musical style the most, and how would you describe your sound?

I pull from many different influences depending on the song, but Coldplay, John Mayer, Julia Michaels, and Taylor Swift are some core influences. I would describe my sound as "heartbreak," haha. All I care about is the feeling. If it feels profoundly emotional and gives me chills, that's the sound I'm looking for.

"Up In The Sky" shares a heartfelt narrative that has connected with millions, whether for its soothing melody or relatable lyrics. Can you walk us through creating "Up In The Sky?"

Creating this song has been a journey. After losing my grandma to Covid, I watched the movie Up and couldn't help but think what the theme song would sound like with lyrics over it. The words just flew out of I recorded it, posted it on TikTok, and immediately went viral, which I was not expecting. I think some people needed to hear that they weren't alone in their feelings about grief, which made the song connect the most. A huge community formed surrounding the song and the original TikTok, and it's been so special to see it all unfold since then.

I could do a music video including photos of people's loved ones that had passed the day the song came out. Then I just released another music video of me performing the song in a hot air balloon a couple of months back, featuring videos of people's loved ones on the balloon fabric in the sky. It's all been incredibly impactful and the most emotional and beautiful thing I've ever had the chance to do. I feel so grateful for all of it and am so lucky to have shared this moment of personal grief and have it be welcomed with open arms by a whole community that needed each other during this time.

How has performing at the "World's Highest Concert" impacted your career and overall outlook on performance?

This performance is one of the most epic and terrifying yet fulfilling and powerful things I've done so far in my career. I think this experience taught me that no idea is too big. And if you go into something with heart and purpose, you can do anything. I'm so grateful I could do this for myself, to say bye to my grandma and play that song for her in the sky, and to share that experience with so many other loved ones that we've all lost simultaneously. Including so many people in this made it the most special experience, it could have been. And to share that moment with the pilot Denni thousands of feet in the sky was also very impactful.

There are many ways to perform and share a song, and this was the most special way it could have been done for this song. I will be doing more epic performances in the future, and this proved to me that doing the "hard thing" will always bring the greatest reward and have the most impact.

What message or lesson do you hope listeners take away from music?

I hope my music makes them feel less alone. Life is hard. Heartbreak is hard. And grief is complicated. But you don't have to go through the heaviness of life alone. And I hope my music makes you feel understood and provides comfort in the moments you need it most.


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