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Emilia Has Us Dancing in “Paradise”

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Emilia grabs our attention with her newly-released melodic, easy-to-remember song called "Paradise."

Emilia enrolled in classical training in voice and piano; she continued to fulfill her music studies at Berklee College of Music. She performs different genres like R&B, Jazz, and Pop in Toronto and around the Boston avenues. Emilia posts many covers where she highlights her inspirations and adds some of her originality via social media. Emilia continues to shine as she writes songs about her personal experiences so people can listen and relate to them.

Emilia allows us into her world, and as we tune into "Paradise," she blends beautifully with all the elements provided. She mentions her experiences as she fell in love with lyrics like "You got me catching feelings, I can't control, I can't take back" and "The moment that I'm with you, my mind goes numb, and that's a fact." We can hear that the times spent and memories created have played a massive role in her life.

Emilia draws us close as we can hear the pop influences drawing through. She blends her unique sound with her melodious voice as she sings about the fantastic feeling of love, how she can't hide her happiness, and how the emotions are magical! She continues and tells us how his her "Sweet, sugar and spice" and how their love is pure "Paradise."

As we draw to a close, Emilia doesn't hold back as she sings headstrong about a memory of driving and the windows are down, wind in her hair as their love grows much more potent than before, and it sure is "Paradise."

Get feverish as Emilia sings about her love and experiences in her new single "Paradise," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic, Emilia; we are happy to have you join us. We love your new record, "Paradise." Please tell us how the song came about and what the creative process was like for it?

I found this beat through a company called Pacific Beats, and I really connected with the production and overall feel of the song. The production and instrumentation automatically made me think of summer and the feeling you get when you're starting to develop feelings for someone. The lyrics and melody instantly came over to me for the verses and the pre-chorus. However, I struggled to find a strong hook melody for the chorus. I went to Toronto with my dad to collaborate with singer/songwriter, Témi, who inspires me with his amazing and catchy melodies. Once I showed him what I had written, he came up with a melody for the chorus that I fell in love with. When Témi and I were trying to write the lyrics, my dad came up with the title 'Paradise.' When I heard him say that title, it just clicked, and the lyrics started flowing out for Témi and me. I also got to work on this song with fellow Berklee College of Music students and alumni. I showed Berklee artists ZKJade and HILLOC, who helped me tweak some of the lyrics and melody to perfect the track. Alexander Ammons mixed the track, and Abram Lembono mastered the song, which pulled everything together. I am so grateful to work with amazing musicians who are passionate about my music and willing to work on this project with me. I'm lucky to be surrounded by people who motivate and support me daily.

We can hear this song is very personal to you. What did you want your listeners to take away from "Paradise," and why?

Paradise is about the beginning stages of falling in love and enjoying all those special moments with that person. When I wrote this song, I thought about my current boyfriend and how exciting our first few dates were. I think the dating scene is scary and challenging because you have to put yourself out there and take a chance on someone. There's no guarantee it will work out, but I think it feels easy and fun when it's the right person. I think this song gives listeners hope that they will find that person who makes them feel happy and loved, enjoying their own time in 'Paradise' together.

Emilia, you come from a very musical background; how has it helped you develop into the artist you now are?

I started off being classically trained vocally at the age of 7, and I think it set a technically good foundation for me in singing different songs. I also grew up listening to other genres like Pop, R&B, Jazz, and so many others, which made me more open-minded when listening to new music. When I went to Berklee College of Music, I met terrific singers who could easily transition from different styles of music and music professors who taught us how to sing properly in these styles. Listening to different genres has helped me improve my singing and songwriting skills, which has helped me become the versatile artist I am today.

We love your journey and can't wait for you to continue to achieve greatness! What advice can you give to artists younger than you starting to create music?

The biggest advice I would give to a younger artist creating music would be never to give up and to never let life's obstacles from stopping your dreams. I've made mistakes where I've allowed situations in my life to hold me back from continuing with music. I've learned to channel my sadness into my music which has helped me heal and move on from whatever I was going through. I believe if you can take your pain and make an art out of it, you can create something beautiful that can be relatable and comfort other listeners going through the same experiences.

What's next for you?

I plan on releasing more original music this year, and I'm in the process of working on my first EP. I will release more covers from some of my favorite artists on my social media channels and perform at gigs in Toronto. I can't wait for you all to see what I've been working on!


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