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Emily Claman Moves Her Listener With “Skin You’re In”

Emily Claman is an soulful- pop singer and songwriter based in NYC. her big curly hair, high energy live shows, honest lyricism, and unique swagger are just a few things that captivate her fans.

I don’t think we were quite ready for this sizzling hot record Emily was about to present to us. Her single titled “Skin You’re In”, is an empowering song with such strong lyrical substance, jazzy like production and is rich in textured vocals. “Skin You’re In” moves its listener with a motivating message. The hook sings “I might be on my own but I'm not alone, I can do it how I want to”. “You got to love the skin you’re in”. The theme of self-love is presented in this song. With a charismatic delivery, Emily Claman will be able to appeal to a large audience of listeners. Her trendy appeal can translate well to the pop lovers and theatrical jazz fans. The message will be most appreciated and resonated well with those who struggle with self-love and self-identity. The songwriting was honest and raw, while the production and energy were uplifting and vibrant. “Skin You’re In” is a nicely written hit song with a well manufactured aesthetic.

Check out "Skin You're In" here!


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