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Emily Daccarett Hypnotizes Us With Dream-Pop Melodies in New EP “Cannibal"

Emily Daccarett is here to show the world that she is made for the music industry. Emily Daccarett recently released her tremendous EP titled “Cannibal” and we had to take a listen to see what it was about! “Cannibal” begins with “Red Light (Opening)” and this couldn’t be any more perfect as an introduction to this EP. “Red Light (Opening)” had lush melodies with a haunting vibe that seemingly felt invigorating enough to reel you in like an attractive mystery that you can’t help but want to explore. Emily Daccarett is hypnotizing her listener into this EP, preparing you for a journey of mystic and deluxe harmonies. The next song that transitions in on this EP was “Growin’ Addiction”. “Growin’ Addiction” was the right song to continue on the introduction of this project.

You’ve entered this ethereal and dream-like atmosphere, ready to wander off into the song and listen to Emily Daccarett’s exuberant vocals. “Growin’ Addiction” had a slight classic timeless feel to the production. A vibe you will feel in an iconic song like this. The next song that transitions in on this EP was “Cannibal”. “Cannibal” was a cool transition from the lightly dark aura you felt from “Growin’ Addiction”. “Cannibal” felt more like a vibrant synth-pop that was colorful and exhilarating. Emily Daccarett still showcases her dynamic whispery vocals that feel like a signature to her stand-out artistry. “Cannibal” classic 80’s dream-pop elements make this song a leading hit on this EP!

We fell instantly in love with “Set Fire To The Fear” due to the vintage arrangement with those iconic synths, guitar riffs, and hazy aesthetic. The tempo climaxes with a more rhythmic approach, and Emily Daccarett doesn’t lose a beat! “Set Fire To The Fear” adds the stylistic appeal to “Cannibal” as a whole. This was a great addition and corresponded perfectly with the sound of this EP! The closing song was “Red Light - Reprise”. This was like a goodbye to the journey you just briefly went on. The sound and vibe correlated with the opening of this ep, however, it felt more like a nice remix. Emily Daccarett overwhelms you with the sensational haunting vocal elements you remember in the opener of this EP. This descriptive song was able to paint images in our imagination, thus creating a more illusioned experience that helped us enjoy this EP to the fullest extent.

Emily Daccarett did more than deliver music. She created art and a story within each song that was conducted on “Cannibal”. “Cannibal” was a story that takes you on a magical journey with a cinematic flair. If Blondie and David Lynch had a rock baby, Emily Daccarett would be the product!

You can listen to the smashing EP “Cannibal” by Emily Daccarett here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Emily Daccarett! Your sound is super unique and memorable. Who would you consider to be some of your inspirations for your creative style?

Thank you so much! While living in France I fell in love with the work of composer and writer Serge Gainsbourg, who wrote songs for Brigitte Bardot, Vanessa Paradis, and Jane Birkin. Their songs have a sultry/innocent Lolita vibe mixed in with rebellion. I also took inspiration from Blondie, Kate Bush, David Bowie, and Michael Jackson. I love pop, it’s feel-good music that invites you to dream. I’m greatly inspired by the film and try to create an atmosphere with my songs. For Cannibal, I looked at Blade Runner and its sequel Blade Runner 2049 as inspiration for the sound design. 2.

Congratulations on the EP release of “Cannibal”! We enjoyed every song that was on this EP as a whole. Which was your personal favorite from your artist’s perspective and why?

My favorite is “Growin Addiction” because I found my sound while working on this song. It was the first song I wrote from my ep and it continued to evolve and change as I wrote the other songs, just as I evolved while working on “Cannibal”. I also used “Growin Addiction” as a bridge to add more rock elements into “Red Light” and to future songs coming out later this year.

We noticed the cool opener and closer correlation with “Red Light”. Were there any elements you experimented with within both the opening version and the closing? Can you detail to us which!

I wrote “Red Light” more like a psychedelic rock song from the late ‘60s. I was inspired by Sharon Tate, the Manson Murders (not as a glamorization, but for the end of innocence for that time), and the nightlife of the Sunset Strip. It was an interesting challenge to figure out how it would fit with the electric pop songs I had written already. We experimented by adding certain electronic elements from the other songs into “Red Light” (opening) to introduce and hint at what you will hear later in the EP. “Red Light” (reprise) we added a few arpeggiated synths and a hot guitar solo, letting the two worlds come together seamlessly.

What was the overall theme of “Cannibal”? How would you describe your songwriting approach to the EP?

The overall theme of “Cannibal” is embracing yourself and letting go of the fear that can hold us down and tear us apart. I love starting and ending with “Red Light” because it is a realistic view of following a dream that does not offer security. We know it’s a gamble, but we do it anyway no matter the cost. I approached this Ep as an open letter to myself, confronting my fears and letting them go….. in style.

What’s next for you Emily Daccarett?

I have a few songs I’m working on to release later this year. I’m taking the time to experiment on creating new visual content to match my sound in photography and video. I’m also working on an activewear line inspired by “Cannibal”. I created anime-style characters as mascots to represent each song in my ep and they will be featured in this collection. I’ll be pretty busy, but I love it!



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