Emily Cole Shows Us Why We Should Sit Back And Let Karma Do Its Magic!

Emily Cole, A pop/alternative recording artist and singer/songwriter from the areas of Houston Texas and NYC, accompanies herself with a guitar, ukulele, and keys. She has the capability to perform all of her live performances either with original music, cover music, or both, making her an appealing musical attraction at a concert! Emily released a trendy bop that had me physically grooving but also emotionally connecting to the lyrics.

Her single titled “Karma” had in-depth lyricism of someone dragging her name through the dirt, creating foul rumors and fabricating lies in attempt to ruin Emily’s image. Emily then sings on how Karma is going to do the job for her, and she doesn’t have to come out of character, instead wait for karma to do what karma does best, and that’s gives rightful life revenge to those who deserves it! Emily has an impressive stylistic voice and I’m a firm believer that this pop-trap instrumental fits her vocals so well.

Not only is “Karma” Spicy and filled with flavor, the song has this way of allowing you to feel the lyrics on another level. Rather recent or not, rather you’ve experienced it or not, you’re bound to think about someone who has done you wrong at any point in your life receiving their karma. One of the challenging jobs an artist can have is translating their single perfectly to their listeners, Emily had no trouble showing us on why we should allow Karma to soil out our problems for us.

Listen to "Karma" here and check out our interview with Emily Cole below!

Hi Emily, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey guys! My name is Emily Cole, and I’m an 18 year old pop singer/songwriter from Texas.

What was the first song you’ve ever written and what was it about?

The first song that I remember writing is called "In Your Life." I wrote it when my cousin was going through a lot and, being the 12 year old I was, I decide to write her a song to help her get through it.

“Karma” is such a strong and amazing song, what was your motivation and inspiration for writing Karma?

Karma is my most honest and personal song I’ve ever written, and I connect with what this song means to me more than any other song of mine. It’s basically just saying that if you don’t treat people how you want to be treated, karma’s going to come back and get ya! If not sooner, then later. Someway, somehow.

What is your favorite part and element in the development of creating new music?

Definitely exploring with new sounds and production styles! My amazing producers, Eddie Ferguson and J2 (Jerohn Smith), always have the most amazing ways of helping me bring my artistic visions to life.

What’s the most therapeutic quality about being an artist and having the freedom to create your own music?

It’s an outlet for me to release built up emotions and feelings that I tend to unintentionally hold on to. After writing a new song, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

What can we expect from you in 2019?

Cowriting, recording, and releasing new music are for sure some of my biggest priorities for next year. Besides my usual gigs, I’ll also be joining the High School Nation tour for two weeks this Spring (details coming soon), and I couldn’t be more excited!!! There’s much more in store, but it would take me literally all day and night to talk about it. Just kidding (kinda)! But seriously, you can follow my Instagram @emilycoleofficial for all the latest and greatest updates. (:

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