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Emily Young Delivers a Moving New Single, "Home"

Hailing from New York City, Singer/Songwriter Emily Young graces our ears with her sweet-sounding single, "Home."

After performing at iconic New York venues, Emily Young has intrigued listeners with her mesmerizing vocals and piano pop style. Surrounded by infinite inspiration in the concrete jungle, she's continuously jotting down notes for her next creative endeavors. With the release of her single "Home," Emily Young takes us on a soulful journey through her captivating piano melodies, dynamic arrangement, and empowering soprano vocals. Singing a passionate story of feeling at "Home" when in someone's presence, Emily Young paints a vivid picture with her crystal clear lyricism. 

Opening with midtempo piano chord progressions, "Home" begins similar to Miley Cyrus' iconic hit "The Climb."

Serving a similar atmosphere as well, Emily Young makes the song her own as she enters with emotional lyricism. Singing about naturally being drawn to someone's energy, around the hook, she switches up the vibe and serves this empowering atmosphere with textured drum patterns and supporting strings.

The melodies that Emily Young belts out are incredibly catchy and move the song to different levels through her dynamic delivery. With added background vocals that create this intensely passionate space, Emily Young does a sublime job of keeping our attention locked in with each note she sings. "Home" shines a bright light on love, while Emily Young's vocals and lyrics exude this overpowering emotion which we've all experienced before.

Listen to "Home" here.

Your single "Home" reaches deep into our hearts, especially through your vocals and lyrics. What does this single mean to you, and where did you find inspiration for it?

Thank you so much! This single means a lot to me. It was inspired by the concept that "home" doesn't just refer to a physical place. It can refer to another person; someone who holds the space for you to be seen, heard, and deeply loved, and who, most of all, helps you love yourself completely. We all desire to feel that true sense of belonging. I hope that listeners will take comfort in knowing that "home" comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms, and that we can all find our own version of home, whether that’s in a partner, a friend, or a community.

Within your single "Home," you deliver these dynamic pop instrumentals. What sort of atmosphere were you going for, and how did you transfer your emotions into sonic instrumentals?

I worked on this track with my amazing producer & friend, Lloyd Kikoler, who's just so talented when it comes to arrangements and soundscapes.  He has the ability to take what I articulate and then work with me tirelessly to translate that exact emotion into an arrangement. Our intention was to create a warm, vulnerable soundscape using lots of layered vocals in combination with percussive pop elements. Then, I worked with Adrian Alvarado on the mix and master, and Adrian so artfully brought those textures to life.

Your lyrics are incredibly personal and relatable. What helped you write from such a vulnerable and personal space?

Vulnerability is a muscle -- the more we practice, the more open we are capable of being. I find that to be so true when it comes to writing music. The more I write, the more honesty I can bring to the song. Some songs take several revisions before the lyrics feel "complete", but this song was written in one shot. I'm lucky enough to know what finding home in another person truly feels like. That experience helped me to write this one from the heart.

After performing at legendary New York venues, and attending NYU and Juilliard, how have your experiences helped your career expand? Were you given any advice that is still relevant to your career today?

I’ve loved performing in intimate, classic NY venues like Rockwood, 54/Below, Green Room 42. When you're sharing your heart in the form of music, that's just such a special experience. I've been fortunate to not only study music in undergrad at NYU but also to participate in vocal masterclasses at Juilliard, learning from classically trained professionals in the field. All of these experiences have helped me to evolve as an artist and a creator. My former vocal coach taught me that being creative isn't linear, but rather, it's an ever-changing process. Understanding that there is always more to learn is so important. Above all else, my past experiences have brought to the forefront just how much immense joy I derive from the creative process! Whether it's working on an arrangement with my producer, playing with harmonies, or just scribbling in my notebook - for me, bringing an idea to life is where the magic lies.

What has been keeping you inspired this year?

2020 has been an incredibly unique, tough, emotional year. Our country is at a turning point. It's been heartbreaking and lonely at times, but it's also been so uplifting to see that humanity can be good... that if we work together and love each other, we can truly break ground and chart a new path. I've been searching for light in the cracks and turning to my music to articulate some of those thoughts and feelings. Writing music is total comfort for me and I hope that my music can bring some positivity and comfort to someone else, too.


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