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Emma & Jolie Clasp Our Hearts With Their Tender Sophomore Single, "Cry For You"

The London, UK, modern Pop-Country duo Emma & Jolie release an emotional ballad surrounding the post-breakup blues with "Cry For You."

Having met in music college back in 2015, Emma & Jolie were drawn together through their mutual inspirations being Kacey Musgraves and Taylor Swift. After Emma & Jolie's first songwriting trip to Nashville prior to signing with Triple Fret Entertainment, the trips to Nashville became a ritual for the duo to serve their stylings internationally. 

With their recent single, "Cry For You," Emma & Jolie get incredibly emotional through their in-depth lyricism surrounding the healing and mending from a past breakup. The serene instrumentals offer a spacious and breathtaking atmosphere through a celestial string section and tender piano melodies. 

"Cry For You" begins with delicate piano melodies and Emma Walker's soothing vocals singing a tragic goodbye between two lovers. As the chorus comes around, Emma & Jolie offer brilliant vocal harmonies while singing a saddened message of having a love for someone long after they leave. 

Overtop of airy Pop production and spacious percussion, the ambiance and atmosphere is incredibly passionate and heartfelt through the escalation string section and steady piano. The highlight of this track has to be Emma Walker and Jolie Harvey's textured songwriting, ultimately capturing the emotions one feels after a heartbreak. 

With their powerfully emotional sophomore single "Cry For You," Emma & Jolie are quickly creating a name for themselves as they easily allow listeners to feel something deep within while listening to their sweet and melodic music. 

We're deeply submerged within the depths of your emotional single, "Cry For You." How did the two of you mutually find inspiration for such a heartfelt single? 

When we were on our first trip to Nashville, Jolie had recently gone through a breakup, and naturally as best friends we discussed a lot of the feelings that come with heartbreak & pain, we realized that Jolie’s current experience with her past relationships was extremely similar to what Emma had been through with her ex, so we really connected with our mutual feelings painful heartache, and we knew we could use this hurt we were feeling and put it into a song. When we met with Lena we spoke to her about everything we were feeling, and what the relationships were like, and what happened so that she could really get a picture of exactly what we wanted to say, and she helped us create a song which definitely does that.

How did the two of you split the songwriting process within your single, "Cry For You"? Was it challenging to be so vulnerable when lyrically opening up and spilling your heart?

We believe that being able to be vulnerable, although it can be scary, is a strength, and it is key for creativity. To be able to truly dive into your authentic feelings has always left us with the most honest and meaningful songs. When going through a breakup, sometimes the last thing you want to do is revisit old feelings, feelings of trauma, pain, and utter heartache, but we knew we wanted Cry For You to be raw and honest, and stepping into those old feelings, and reliving the painful memories, was exactly what gave the song the emotional depth that we wanted. In regards to splitting the songwriting process, we have never really done that! We have such a close bond between the two of us that we have such an easy understanding of what one of us is trying to say, it feels as if we have always been destined to write together, of course, individually we bring different ideas to the table, but we’ve never split it in a certain way.

The tender instrumentals within "Cry For You" are incredibly ethereal. What was your creative process like when crafting your instrumentals to complement your lyricism?

We listened to a lot of heartbreak songs that we felt fitted the vibe that we were going for, and then we sent a lot of tracks that we were inspired by to our producer Johnny and he helped us figure out what kind of instruments we wanted in the song, we wanted it to contrast I Don’t Need A Man as in that song there is a lot more going on both locally and instrumentals, we wanted to show our versatility by making Cry For You an emotional and more simplistic ballad with mainly piano and strings, we wanted this track to be rawer.

Seeing as "Cry For You" is your second released single, how does your current discography help listeners get to know your brand and what your music tends to offer?

We are hoping that listeners can hear the versatility in our music, we released I Don’t Need A Man as our first single, an upbeat, empowering song, and stripped back Cry For You as a more emotional ballad. We have always wanted to be an honest & authentic duo. Everything that we write about has stemmed from personal experiences. We have always hoped that listeners can relate to our songs in some way, whether that be by a song about heartbreak, or a feminist anthem. We have always aimed for people to be able to truly feel all of the emotions we have felt writing these songs and we hope that as we continue to release music, it will continue to highlight our versatility from how we have gone from empowering women to showing our vulnerability.

What can we expect to see next from you?

We will definitely be releasing more music in the new year, we have so much new material that we are so excited to eventually show everyone, and we are always writing new material and having writing sessions with other amazing musicians. So keep your eyes peeled to see when new music is coming! We are hoping to get out and perform more in 2021, obviously due to the pandemic we haven’t had the opportunity to perform any of our music, we are really hoping that next year we can be able to do more live gigs.

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