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Emma Madison Ignites a "Fire" in Our Souls

The Southern California-based Singer/Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Emma Madison releases her inspiring Pop-infused single titled, "Fire."

From an incredibly young age, Emma Madison felt drawn to the sounds of Pavarotti, and before she knew it, she was sitting in front of a piano and playing the violin.

At 15-years-old, Emma Madison has set sail into the music industry while powering through with uplifting messages.

Her latest single "Fire" surrounds themes of picking yourself back up after taking a tumble and pushing through until your very last breath.

With ambient Pop production and heartfelt organic instrumentation, the song stands strong as a powerful piece for anyone who needs a pick-me-up.

"Fire" gracefully begins with the crackling of a warm bonfire and celestial keys, not to mention faint saxophone elements. As Emma Madison starts to sing of life's losses and our fight or flight response, we must note how wildly impressed we are, not only with her sparkling vocal capabilities but her sound lyrical message.

The songwriting and lyrical content within this single-serve a compelling message, and the surrounding Pop production and downtempo drums allow Emma Madison to radiate confidence and power at her own pace. As the song continues towards the bridge, the instrumentals drop to this naturally uplifting tone through delicate melodies and warm delivery.

From the passionate production to the relatable and empowering lyrical content, Emma Madison is making waves with her recent inspirational single "Fire," and we're expecting that this flame won't be put out any time soon. 

We're highly impressed with the sound lyrical message you've captured within your empowering single, "Fire." What inspired you to create a song that reminds listeners of their inner power?

Thank you so much! There was actually a specific moment that inspired this song. I used to be a part of a competitive musical theater team (yes, that is a thing), and we had a particularly difficult day in rehearsal. Our team was feeling unmotivated and tired, so our coach sat us all down to talk. She talked to us about not losing our passion, or our "fire."

The song is based on the speech she gave us. Although this was a pretty specific moment, I'm glad that the song ended up being broader in its meaning, because I think it makes the message more relatable to more people. I want everyone to be able to resonate with and enjoy my music!

Seeing as your single "Fire" was co-written with Anthony Fedorov, what was your songwriting process like while collaborating? Was the song's message tweaked at all during the process?

Anthony has actually co-written all of my singles with me so far. Typically, we start out with some chords and build the foundation and format of the song from there. "Fire" was written on a piano, but I actually really enjoy playing it on the guitar too! After we had sculpted the foundation of the song, we moved to the melody.

Melody is honestly my favorite part of the songwriting process, I love just improvising with whatever chords we have so far and going from there. I had initially thought the song was going to be more specific to the situation I was in, but ultimately I'm glad it ended up a little more general. I think this is a message that applies to everyone, and I'm glad we were able to write the lyrics in a way that reflected that.

Regarding your single "Fire," we've heard that it was produced by Latin Grammy Award-winner Jeeve. How did Jeeve help bring your sonic ideas to life during the song's creative process?

It was produced by Jeeve, he is very talented! I had recorded a bare minimum demo for this song with just piano and vocals about a year before we produced it, and Jeeve was able to work from there. When he sent me the first draft of the song with only the background and no vocals, it was so different from what I had imagined but I loved it! My first impression of the track was that it sounded like outer space in a way? Like a UFO maybe? I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but I think it complimented the melody and message of the song well!

At the mere age of 15, how have you come across such wise messages to place into your songs? Do you feel that the music industry has naturally matured you?

It's interesting, I think that a lot of kids my age are maturing quicker than kids in previous generations. I think this might be due to our exposure to the internet and social media. Seeing everything that was going on in the world helped me recognize that I wanted to make a difference and if I can do that through something I love, like music, that would be amazing!

I do think that music has helped me mature in a sense, it taught me how to work efficiently in a studio, how to be professional on social media, and overall this business has shown me the importance of good communication.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

I definitely can't pretend that I am motivated and inspired every day; there are definitely days when I want to stay in bed and watch Netflix (as an actor I am blessed with the ability to use the excuse that this is "scene study"). Something that has been keeping me motivated is music, both my own and from my favorite artists. Through everything that has been happening recently, I really appreciate people using their platform to help people out. For example, Alicia Keys' song "Good Job" never fails to make me cry.

Another thing keeping me inspired is everyone supporting me! I have received some very sweet messages on my Instagram and Facebook that were so amazing to read. I love making music just for fun, but hearing that I have actually helped people is incredible.


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