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“Emmanuelle” By Blond Ambition Serves Explosive Indie Rock And Retro Pop Fusion

Blond Ambition is an indie rock/pop project formed by Brian Harding. The sound meshes familiar indie rock and pop influences from artists like The War On Drugs along with more esoteric aspects pulled from the last 30 years of music to create a fully realized project full of danceable, head nodding tunes.

"Emmanuelle" is a catchy indie rock anthem with nods to contemporary artists like Beck with a melody inspired by the best of the '90s pop charts. The vocals in “Emmanuele” are smooth and melodious. The lyricism and storytelling aspect of the tune is hypnotizing and the musical arrangements in “Emmanuelle” reflect Los Angeles to the fullest. The track coveys joy in the muted way that only California can. His range and soul are easily the most admirable qualities of an already astounding hit. Indie rock and pop influences shine through keeping the track utterly fresh and essential. I highly recommend checking out “Emmanuelle” and relishing in Brian’s songwriting and alluring vocals.The track “Emmanuelle” also serves as the first single off his upcoming EP “Appearances”, out later this fall via Swoon City Music. Blond Ambition’s newest single “Emmanuelle” is mellow, organized, emotive, a little retro and graced with just a zest of modernity. Stay on the lookout for Blond Ambition!

Listen to "Emmanuelle" here !


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