Emo Rap Artist Rock Mayfield Releases "2:30 Am"

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Rock Mayfield, congratulations on your awesome 2019. Care to share some of your favorite music highlights from 2019? 

What's up guys! I'm happy to be back with you guys. I always love doing interviews with you guys. Definitely much love from me to you guys. Some of my highlights from 2019 was collaborating with Bizarre from D12 and the promo from that song. And last but not least working with my partner in crime, the voice of reason family, brother, and best friend, producer Alto on this new record "2:30Am" and releasing it to the public and the promo for that song has been awesome!! I love it!! It's at 17K streams on Spotify almost at that 20K mark. I loved working on that song with Alto. He was there for me during that dark period of time. I remember the first day of recording that song. His studio was definitely a hospital for my mind and emotions during that time. He already had the beat ready for me. He's all like "Hey I think I have a beat for you that would fit your style of music that you do." He played the beat for "2:30Am" and sure enough the lyrics for "2:30Am" matched the beat. It was awesome. Shout out to Alto by the way!! He isn't fat he's just full of beats. Alto and I definitely have an Eminem and Paul Rosenberg type of relationship when it comes to being the voice of reason for me sometimes musically Haha. If your an Eminem fan or have heard the classic "Paul skits" on Eminem's albums than you know what I'm talking about. It be like that sometimes LoL. I love him though he's my bro.

For new listeners and those who may not know, tell us about your genre; Emo Rap. Who are some of your musical influences when you're creating new music? 

Emo Rap is one of the new subgenres of Hip-Hop. Fusion the genre's of hip hop and emo, pop punk guitar samples, and indie rock guitar samples. The genre fuses characteristics of hip hop music, such as beats and rapping, with the lyrical themes and vocals commonly found in emo music. The term is sometimes conflated with "SoundCloud rap" or alternative rap. To me it's the modern-day Nu-Metal when bands like Linkin Park, P.O.D, Korn and Limp Bizkit came out in the early 2000s. Some of my influences when I create music are rappers like Eminem, Tupac, The Game, Blink-182, Juice Wrld r.i.p by the way. Lil Peep who is known to be the Kurt Cobain and pioneer of emo-rap, Nothing Nowhere, Staind, even Machine Gun Kelly, Iann Dior.

We love your new song "2:30 AM", it touches on a very personal side. Could you dive into the story behind the song? 

I was dating a girl at the time who I found out was cheating on me. I found out where she was at and pulled up to see the heartbreaking evidence at 2:30Am. It was like as if the world stood still for a minute and everything paused. Like I say in the third verse of the song. "Feeling emotionally nauseous and numb". I remember when I wrote it and where I was when I wrote it and how great I felt after I wrote "2:30am." The first verse just poured out of me like a waterfall. It was that natural. The second verse in "2:30Am" where I say "laying here in bed with thoughts of you having sex with your ex inside his bed." Came from listening to one of my favorite songs ever "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers. When the lead singer in the killer's sings.

"Now they're going to bed and my stomach is sick

And it's all in my head, but she's touching his

Chest now, he takes off her dress now

Let me go I just can't look, it's killing me

And taking control."  And where I say "laying here with your stuff inside my room, doesn't feel like my room anymore just a prison instead" was inspired by the chorus in "Lucid Dreams" by Juice Wrld when he sings "I still see your shadows in my room" because having her stuff inside my room while she was over at her ex place having sex with him was like having her ghost inside my room. At that time it was like she's here spiritually but not here physically. It was nauseous. I didn't eat or really sleep for days. 

What was it like collaborating with Lilly Whyte on "2:30 AM"? 

Collaborating with Lilly Whyte was great!! It was dream collaboration for me. I discovered her on Instagram a year before I wrote 2:30am she was pushing her single "Fast Lane" and I became a fan of her music and built a friendship with her. Then when it came to the chorus for 2:30am I heard Lilly's voice on it and hit her up and asked for the feature and she was game for it.

Thank you for chatting with us Rock, it's always a pleasure. Let us know what we can expect next from you! 

Most definitely I always love doing interviews with you guys. Whenever I drop a new song I always get excited about doing an interview with you guys. You guys are awesome. And I'm currently working on my new song called "Invisible" which is about me relapsing with my fight with self harm after 10 strong years. And about wanting to commit suicide and abusing my medication. But I promise you guy's I'm in a stronger and better place now.

Listen to "2:30am" here.