Emotional New Release From Jforte Tells Us How to Be Better to Ourselves

Jforte is a Hip-Hop artist based out of Paradise Valley who specializes in creating storytelling lyrics with a tight flow. After overcoming his struggles as a kid he turned to music as an outlet to encourage and inspire others to be their better selves. Recently, Jforte released his awe-inspiring single "Dsms", named after his middle school where major stepping stones in his life began. This record features a mystical music box, inspiring spoken words, an ethereal synth riff, rock-solid grooving drums, a deep evolving bass line, and an emotional tight rap performance from Jforte himself. The instrumental in this record is the base outlet and backbone that sets out the path for the lyrics to take control over. The songwriting and lyrics in "Dsms" are incredibly well thought out and personal. You can hear that there is a personal connection to all of the words, and Jforte delivers an honest raw performance that perfectly tells the story. Every element in this song is there to support every word being said and to not distract from the bottom line message of being true to yourself.

Listen to "Dsms" here and connect with Jforte on social media below.