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Emotions Have You "Paralysed" In Reno & Rome's Latest Single

UK based power-pop outfit Reno & Rome ride the line between anthemic indie-rock and swaggering 80’s pop. Flaunting stereo-chopped guitars, driving beats, and infectious vocal hooks, they wrap up their energy in an unforgettable live show and sonic performance.

The foundation that Reno & Rome’s latest single, “Paralysed,” allows us to thrive in is a push and pull realm fluctuating with emotional tenors. The soothing vibrancy that shimmers through layers of textures redefines the meaning of having your music sit in one genre, as Reno & Rome continue to drive limits and raise the bar with each creation released.

Permitting us to transition through the grand scheme of their progressions, we embrace the sonic voyage we embark on as the luscious musicality infiltrates our minds with thoughts robust in nature. Lyrical motifs such as, ‘Come on now let’s roll the dice for paradise,‘ construct the love-based narrative as the instrumentation offers up a triumphant feel to counter the energy provided.

With a soundscape so therapeutic in the ‘take a chance on me’ notions of love, we feel that “Paralysed,” acts as a contemporary letter that professes emotion through the stylings of an innovative ballad. Reno & Rome have a knack for making you feel the warmth radiate from their authentic personas, even though you’re separated through sound waves.

Lathering us in an expressive force field that ties us to them in ways beyond our imagination, Reno & Rome truly give us an unforgettable journey that exposes us to our true thoughts.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Reno & Rome, and congratulations on the release of “Paralysed.” We love how you take the best parts from various genres and create your own unique lane for a story to flourish. What moment or story inspired the creation of “Paralysed?"

Thank you! We’re glad you picked up on that! We have so many influences between us so it’s always a grand feeling when we manage to collate all the genres we love into one song. The story behind Paralysed was an employed character that is besotted with someone to the point of being unhealthy. The verses explain the point of view that you should have the confidence to say something but are too afraid, whereas the chorus conveys the message of just going for it while you have the chance.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process entailed when bringing this song to life?

It began with the repeating “Damn you got me, paralysed, paralysed, paralysed...” hook-line and evolved from there. We knew we onto something good, as none of us could stop singing it! Then because the chorus is so upbeat we felt the verse needed to lean towards a more audacious/desperate vibe.

What happens to be your favorite part of the creative process? Is there a moment that’s more rewarding through the entire release procedure?

First comes the voice-note of the basic idea, then the demo, then we bring it to a live situation and become familiar. That’s when the personality of Reno comes into action; adding parts/flourishes to give it energy where needed. I think the released song is version 19 or 20 so it’s a lengthy, yet incredibly fun process. For all of us, it’s finding the quirky sounds that sometimes you miss upon first listen, but they’re the intricate details that make it what it is for us. Fundamentally we’re a rock band that owns a few synthesisers so we try to birth these ambient/brooding sounds with things that we can’t recreate on guitars/drums/vocals etc. But aside from that, it’s initially getting the idea into Logic and out of your head. I’m always scared I’m going to forget what it sounds like until that point haha! The most rewarding part would be the first time you see the visuals, whether it be the promo footage that Gryph (singer) makes or the artwork; something that makes it real and not just an idea in your head. Match those up with the mastered track and it’s an immense feeling of success.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the messaging in “Paralysed?"

Be brave, be bold, be confident and be yourself. Something worth having is something worth fighting for but try not to get misguided / lost in your own head. Oh, and have a dance because it’s a bloody bop in our opinion!


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