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Empire of Gold Pours Emotion Into Latest Single “Dust and Bones”

Growing up predominantly in Illinois, Empire of Gold knew that the music scene was for him once he got his first guitar at the age of 14. Independently learning, this artist actually taught himself all he needed to know in order to curate music, and that type of authenticity is definitely present within his music. Coming from a rough past, Empire of Gold takes his pain and misfortune, and pours it deeply into his lyricism and sound— in my opinion, this curates the best kind of music. There’s such a raw aspect to Empire of Gold’s recent album “The Devil Is In The Details” that you don’t typically find in a lot of alternative post-rock genre. Empire of Gold doesn’t disappoint though, especially not in his latest single. 

Empire of Gold comes out with “Dust and Bones” off of their newest album “The Devil Is In The Details”. Get ready for a hard-hitting single—this artist contributes some pretty heavy-sounding alternative rock to the increasingly popular category. One aspect of the song I definitely noticed throughout was how unique and personal the lyrical content was—Empire of Gold immerses himself in “Dust and Bones" and shows a more vulnerable side through the lyricism, and crafts together both lyricism with the most fitting tone for the track. In the middle of the song we’re introduced to a guitar solo, and Empire of Gold proves to us that he is not only skillful when it comes to crafting dark lyricism, but he can also play a mean guitar solo. The passion this artist puts into the entire production of the song can be felt—his traumas, personal struggles and aspirations can be heard and understood by listeners quite well, which allows for a more deeper connection between the artist and audience. We loved the vibe the single gave off, and we know you alternative-rock listeners would too. 

Listen to "Dust and Bones" here and get to know more about Empire of Gold below!

Hello Empire of Gold! Tell us about yourself and how you feel curating the music you put out?

I'm a singer-songwriter who puts out alt rock/grunge music. I've been putting out records for 5 years now but I feel like I'm just starting to find my true voice and sound. I am a grunge revivalist who believes grunge could make a comeback as the rock that is being put out by major labels is not raw or engaging enough. I stay true to my DIY methods and avoid over-producing my work at all costs.

Who would you say were you top three inspirations when curating “Dust and Bones”?

I like keeping an open mind to all music to get as much influence as I can, then taking that and adding that raw, grunge sound. For this song specifically, Nirvana was (and usually is) the biggest influence.

What kind of advice would you give your past self 5 years ago today?

Probably to stop being so stubborn and get help mixing and mastering. I spent years trying to learn the ins and outs of recording, mixing and mastering, which I don't regret, but would have helped my earlier releases to gain more traction.

How do you typically write songs? What is the creation process like for you?

It always starts with writing the whole song's structure and chords, along with the vocal melody. I always do this on an acoustic guitar. Once I'm satisfied with the song, I come back and write the lyrics. I'll write the theme and lyrics to the song once I get a good feel to the song's emotion and tone. Then when it comes to recording the song, I put on my producer's hat and transform the song into a full production with two guitars, drums and bass.

What kind of goals do you have set in place for the rest of 2019?

To keep pushing myself with every release. I have a 34 song "B-Sides and Rarities" album that I'll put out sometime this year and then hit the drawing board for the next release. I call my project Empire of Gold as I see myself improving each and every release as if I am truly trying to build an empire. As long as each release is better than the last, I know I'm heading in the right direction.


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