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Empowering Listeners Far and Wide "Forget Me," Has Eva Constance Re-evaluating Her Self-Worth

Born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut, Eva Constance began her musical journey by singing in the church choir at the age of 6. After debuting her own original creations back in August of 2020, with her single ‘Selfish,’ the growth that propelled her forward would allow her to take the world by storm.

Recently touching down with her most recent single “Forget Me,” Eva Constance exudes her overflowing charisma in a way that has us picking up our jaws from off the floor.

The anthemic nature of this hit carries dark undertones as the other illuminated tenors display a buoyancy emitted in the ambiance crafted. With instrumentation fixated on nostalgic 90’s styled drum patterns, a rhythmic bassline, and of course, the sultry timbres of Eva Constance, we’re immersed in a healthy offering of harmonies articulating a purpose through the song's empowering approach.

“Forget Me,” navigates us through the rather unforgettable subject matter reflective of Eva Constance establishing her name. Laced within the verses and mesmerizing hook, we have her professing lyrical motifs such as ‘even if you want to, you can’t forget me,’ which rounds up her listeners in a way that has them all chanting their self-worth right back at the emerging artist.

Basking in the surge of confidence we expect from an Eva Constance song, we want to say that we’re not surprised one bit that she left it all on the table with her energy radiated, and vulnerability surfaced. Knowing how to cater to the most authentic version of herself, it is no wonder that her fan base is rapidly flourishing in the palm of her hand.

Hello Eva Constance and welcome to BuzzMusic. We absolutely love your latest single “Forget Me.” The energy you showcase is unmatched! What was the inspiration behind this single?

Thank you so much! My engineer and I worked very hard on this one. We wanted this sound to be unmatched with today’s music and I wanted to put a 90’s hip-hop spin on it. The inspiration behind this was with my past. You give so much to other people who don’t appreciate you and all you do for them and I wanted to show that in this single. The lyrics really speak that whole idea. I wanted the ones who thought I wasn’t going to be someone, those who didn’t believe in me, those who laughed at me, those who bullied me, those who took advantage of my kindness to know that you may have left me but you’ll never forget who I was for you and this single embodies that. I grabbed a lot of inspiration from artists as well like the early 2000’s Beyoncé, 3LW, TLC, Aaliyah, Christina Aguilera, and Destiny’s Child. I grew up in that era and loved it so much. I noticed a lot of that style is no lower around and I thought I’d bring it back with this single. I’m so proud of the end product and I know that others will be feeling it too.

Could you please shine a light on the team that helped you bring a song of this caliber to life? How did everyone contribute and what was the experience like?

My team includes my engineer/producer Matthew Lee and me. It’s just us two at the moment but I’m ok with that. We definitely take our time and work together to make each single I have the best that it can be. This single came to be when I was looking for new instrumentals to work on. I always loved the 90’s because that was my childhood. I grew up listening to artists like Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child, Danity Kane, P Diddy, 3LW, among others. Once I received the instrumental I was digging it so much that a whole melody and lyrics just came to me. I wrote the words down as they flowed and it became “Forget Me”. At the time I didn’t realize what the song actually meant. I sometimes write songs not knowing where the words and melodies are coming from and why they are coming to me with a certain project, but when they do and it all comes together I finally I stand what I was trying to say in the track and then everything else on visuals startup. I wrote the melody and the lyrics to “Forget Me” and I aided in harmonies. Matthew Lee assisted in directing which harmonies would be best to be used, mixed, and mastered the track as well as all my other singles out now. he really is a great engineer and I’m happy he is on my team. He’s also a perfectionist so sometimes I become impatient but he lets me know it’s good to take your time to perfect a project and make it the best it can be and I’m so grateful for someone like him.

You’re known for the way that you let your authentic self shine through each word you pen. Is there a specific mindset that you have to tap into when approaching a song like “Forget Me?"

Sometimes when I receive an instrumental, I do not have an idea in mind. I usually listen to it and hum trying to see what melodies come to mind. Sometimes along with a melody, I speak words and I write them down. To me, it’s all about flow. Once you have that, you just fill in the blanks. For my newest single “Forget Me” I didn’t have an idea but I knew it had to be old school, and by that I mean my old school of the 90’s - early 2000’s era. I didn’t have an idea other than that per se, but the words came to me, and later on, it formed what my mind wanted to say all along.

Since the release of ‘Selfish,’ how have you found yourself growing as an artist and individual?

Since the release of 'Selfish,' I’ve tapped into this unknown strength, beauty, comfort, and goal-oriented person. I have always been determined to make my dreams come true but I think back then it was more of a daydream. I didn’t actually try the best I could to be who I wanted to be at the time. Today, I strive almost every single day to do things I’m scared to do, write things I’ve never written, and show that I am comfortable in my own skin, sound, life, and dreams. I tapped into confidence I never thought I would have. I always wanted to be, but I think now I am at that point in my life where I don’t really care what others have to say about me because I stand tall in what I do and put my best in all of it. I was always a very shy and reserved person, but that seems to be going away and I am expressing myself in ways I never thought I would. It’s truly amazing when you get to that point within yourself because when you do, others take notice.

What's next for you?

I am working on two music videos - one for my single “Tangler” and one for my newest single “Forget Me”. I am highly excited for both to be released. I am also finishing up my debut EP wig oh is set to be released later in the year. I have a lot of music coming out in the future and I have no plans on stopping.



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