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Empress J Debuts Single “Champion,” In a One Attempt Knockout Victory

Empress J is a multi-faceted artist, she’s a singer, writer, dancer, and producer making her a quadruple threat to the entertainment industry. She is a Soca artist to the core, with many fans throughout the world largely in part to her creative diversity and ever-growing talent.

Empress J has been featured in notable radio stations such as 95.3 in Barbados, TNT Radio, Team Soca, Caribbean Power Jam, and many others. Her 2017 soca debut hit song “Show Meh” was featured nationally and internationally in the 17’ Trinidad Carnival, including other festivals and fetes.

Empress J covers all bases with her debut single “Champion.” The debut single “Champion” takes us through a journey of triumph over tribulation about focusing on keeping your head high and moving towards your goal - as a champion. The mesmerizing chorus catches your ear and doesn’t let go. This song empowers the soul through its fast-paced dance beat and motivational lyrics, giving you the sense to get up and go.

The music video opens to a stack of foreclosure notices, Empress J picks up a pad of paper beside, and starts writing. This is a great representation of the importance of being your own champion through even the most difficult times. I feel as if she is telling the listener that even in dire times, you can write yourself out of undesirable situations. “Champion” blends the best parts of the Caribbean and American vibes with sharp and powerful lyrics to back it.

Earlier this year Empress J will be releasing a debut EP later this year produced by FH3 Beats, noting that there are some surprise artist features to keep an eye on as well.

It was exciting writing this feature while dancing to your debut single “Champion," can you tell us what made you choose these instrumentals to record over?

Thank you and I am excited to share with the world this song. The beat was produced by Freddy Harris III of FH3 beats. He is the first producer that I worked with when I started doing Soca music. We chose this riddim because it is the perfect balance of Soca and Pop. It can resonate with many cultures. When we work together we try to create a sound that will take Soca to the next level and cross over so that the world can feel the joy we feel when we sing and dance to it.

There's a lot of power behind not only the beat and instrumentals of this song but the lyrics as well. Can you tell us what inspired you to write “Champion?"

I wrote Champion during a difficult transition in my life. I was actually homeless and couch surfing with a sister-friend. In the official video, you will see my actual storage unit of what I had left from downsizing a 3 bedroom house. And although that was a difficult time, I was still blessed to have somewhere to lay my head, friends who are my family who supported me and I still had my health and drive to succeed past that moment. I wanted to encourage anyone who was going through anything no matter what they can Champion over it! It’s apparent that you have quite the cultured background with music, being in a previous band in the Crunk-Rock genre, how do you feel it has pushed you creatively towards your music now? Creating different genres of music throughout my career has allowed me to be versatile within the Caribbean/International market. I try to bring a balance of who I am Caribbean American. Some of my music will definitely have the traditional sounds of Soca and the Carnival feel, but I like to mix it up and give music lovers something that no matter if you are a Soca lover or not, it's just good music that vibrates with everyone. With everything that I do, whether music, dance, writing, or film, I like to be my authentic self which is very diverse and you will hear it in the music. With fans from all over the world, what do you hope your music makes them feel when they listen to “Champion?” Encouragement and hope. Especially during these unprecedented and unpredictable times of a global pandemic, I want listeners to feel like they can hold on until things get better and they will be champions on the other side of it. What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you? Listeners can anticipate lots of new music in 2021. Aside from "Champion" I collaborated with rising Panamanian Soca Artist LaPana on a song called "Aye Aye Aye" and it is also streaming on all digital platforms right now and the official video will come out this year. I am also going to drop an EP produced by FH3 Beats that will have some surprise features and another anthem for the world to love. "Dawn of the B.O.S." Ep is projected to drop in late March. In addition to the EP, I also have several songs on various riddims that will also feature my Soca sister LaPana. Finally, I will be releasing two riddims. I will be re-releasing my "Black Ball" Riddim that I co-produced with some new songs and a remix of my song "Area Code" with a special feature. I will also be releasing a new riddim that I co-produced with DJ Added that will have an all-star cast that is going to have the Caribbean world buzzing. (pun intended). Aside from the music I have a children's book out on Amazon called "Luv Bug" under my author name of Erica J. And I continue to work on my festival "Africaribbean Festival" which will be bringing Soca to Africa in 2022.



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