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Emvee Harlan Gazes Into Her Reflection With, "Mirror Thoughts"

Finally emerging into a solo career, the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Emvee Harlan touches on reflective and emotional themes within her recent hit, "Mirror Thoughts."

Dragging around a cello since the mere age of eight, Emvee Harlan only recently took the leap into her solo career. "It took me years to accept my true identity as an artist. It still feels pretty awkward to even say it," she states.

After roaming through the depths of emotional darkness and finding her way out again, Emvee Harlan wrote her debut EP 'No Longer Invisible,' featuring the soulful single, "Mirror Thoughts."

"Mirror Thoughts" takes listeners into a dynamic journey through Emvee Harlan's emotional and sorrowful lyricism that sings of regret and despair. Not to mention the blazing and versatile rock instrumentals that offer heightened emotion and darkness to Emvee Harlan's lyrical theme, the song truly captures the midst of mental and emotional turmoil.

Listening to "Mirror Thoughts," the song opens with heavy electric guitar melodies that set the emotional and weary tone. Alongside a melancholy piano melody and mid-tempo drum patterns, Emvee Harlan begins singing of lying awake at night and thinking of a lover in someone else's arms. As the song continues, the surrounding instrumentation begins to pick up and exude nothing but an aching pain through each somber tone and melody.

Also touching on constantly remembering the pain she once endured onto a past lover, Emvee Harlan crafted her lyricism within this piece to offer a unique connection with her audience and those who've experienced love's confusion and chaos. Ending the song on a soulful and reflective note, we're eager to take a listen to the rest of Emvee Harlan's debut EP.

Find Emvee Harlan's single "Mirror Thoughts" and her debut EP 'No Longer Invisible' on all digital streaming platforms, and experience each introspective and profound lyric for yourself.

What inspired the somber and emotional lyrical message behind your single "Mirror Thoughts"?

Simultaneous heartbreaks. My parent's unsettling separation, getting out of a toxic relationship and rushing into a new one. As well as having lost my sense of identity and reliving traumatic experiences that brought me to my knees as I worked for a desk job that made me feel empty every day. It was truly a mixture of a lot of unpleasant events that over the years took a toll on me. I developed PTSD symptoms in 2017 and I think that the lack of creativity and value in my life had diminished. On no one else's account but my own. Mirror Thoughts was the first song I had written in years and it reflects a point in my life where I found no end in sight. As dark as that sounds, I must add, it was a beautiful gift. It channeled its energy through me and pushed me right back into music.

How were you able to mold your instrumentals within "Mirror Thoughts" to offer such strikingly emotional tones? What was your recording/creative process like?

My producer Robbie Soukiasyan did an incredible job in capturing the essence of the song. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first walked into the studio. It had been so long since I had performed/played/sang. But after sharing some demos with him, he immediately was able to pick up on the heart of the song. We did a few takes in his home studio with the guitar and vocals to lay down the tracks. Maybe about a week or so later we did the live drums at Big Bad Sound LA Studio. I wanted it to sound as powerful/edgy as possible with a Rock feel given the vulnerability of the song. We did similar in-home recordings for the rest of the tracks and did the final takes at Big Bad Sound LA. Overall it was an emotionally driven and therapeutic experience. I felt at home and in control for the first time in a while. Loved every moment of it.

Are you familiar with writing vulnerable lyricism? Was it easy to open up and write such emotional lyrics for "Mirror Thoughts"?

I'm not sure but I have always been emotionally expressive through writing. Songwriting comes naturally to me. But sharing it? That terrified me; which I think a lot of artists can relate to. Especially if it's their first time. But Mirror Thoughts was different. It was the opposite and it made me want to record it for others to hear. It just felt like a great song from the beginning and I knew I had to get it out there, no matter how big/small of an audience it may have.

You mentioned that "Mirror Thoughts" marks the beginning of the soulful journey throughout your EP 'No Longer Invisible.' How does the single connect with the rest of the EP?

Well, that's the funny part. It was the song that got me into the studio. I had written so many songs growing up but never recorded them. So when I connected with Robbie and got a taste of creativity again, I was hooked. I ended up going through some old music sheets and found Heaven, Without Your Wonders and Soul. These songs represent the artist I used to be but never let out, basically where it all began. I wrote Northern Lights and Dream after having been in the studio a few times. And those songs gave me a sense of clarity about what direction I need to go. So I kind of see the EP as a past/present/future dimension that only music can make sense of.

What can we expect to see next?

I released a new Single called "Sue" this week. It's more of a folksy/upbeat tune that still offers that dark/therapy writing I do as a lyricist. I'm happy with how it came out. I'll also be releasing another Single called "Masquerade" soon. Masquerade is a bit more similar to the rock songs from the EP with its heavy electric guitar progressions and rock vibe so I'm excited about its release. For these two songs, an old friend of mine, Glen came in to do the session drums which makes it extra special for me. We go way back and I look up to him as an artist. He plays the drums currently for Alice Cooper and Hollywood Vampires. It's an honor to have him on these tracks and I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them! Maybe once this pandemic is over. I can step into live shows next.



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