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Enchanting New Experimental Release "35mm" From Eric Schaffer

Eric Schaffer is a multi-instrumentalist from LA whose music ranges from a vast majority of styles. Eric's music predominately features the singer Samantha Coiner otherwise known as "She". Since writing music at the age of 13 Eric's influence of Nine Inch Nails inspired him to create his own productions. Recently Eric released his single "35mm" with She and it is a lovely experimental experience that takes you on an otherworldly journey.

"35mm" features a mellowed out moody electric piano, trip-hop like evolving drum textures, ethereal ambient synths, a deep flowing bass, and an almost eerie beautiful vocal performance from She. This record enchantingly evolves and builds as soon as it starts which leads to an ambient masterpiece towards the end. There are subtle hints of jazz in the electric piano that perfectly compliments the vocal performance of She. She's performance has a very honest laid back approach to it that beautifully goes with the rest of the instrumentation. Her harmonies have a very clear but slightly ethereal quality to them that evolves throughout the song. This is a record that provides a blank canvas and hands the brush over to the listener and lets them transform their imagination as the song progressed.

Listen to "35mm" here.

Hey Eric! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We are loving your experimental experience "35mm"! What was the songwriting and production process like?

I made most of the instrumental part and recorded Samantha’s vocals at a friend's place in Santa Cruz. I locked myself in a room for about 4 days and basically wrote this song with Sam at that time. It’s mostly a live performance, at least the drum machine, electric piano, and bass synth were live. Later I recorded the guitars at my place. All the instruments are played live and there is no midi. I later mixed it at Moosecat Studios in mid-city Los Angeles.

We love the synths in this release! How did you come to the experimental synth sounds that were used? That bass synth sound is a nice little patch I made on my Arturia minibrute. It’s a Nice and powerful little synth. We love the vocals She gave in this! What is the recording process with her? What is the workflow like between you two to create the parts? Recording with Samantha is interesting, sometimes it can be a little contentious but I usually give her the benefit of the doubt Because she’s so talented. While I was chipping away at the instruments she was in and out listening and writing lyrics. Right before we were done she laid those awesome vocals tracks.  How do your influences leave a mark on your music? How has your music evolved since the first song you have created? 

Well, I originally tried to emulate Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails some darker post-punk bands. A lot has changed since I was 13 so I listen to most things these days I’d say. These days I listen to a lot of soul music, some classical, some jazz and I have a huge love for bands like Radiohead, Deerhunter, Modest Mouse, and Nirvana. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I am currently working on an instrumental, heavily piano and synth-driven e.p because I’m trying to break into the more film score side of things and I’m going to be releasing a single from my solo project (where I do the vocals) Del Vertigo called “Views” in the next few months. 



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