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Encouraging Words Of Strength Emit From BRIA's "Fight This Fight"

BRIA is a classically trained artist and fresh songwriter who began their exciting musical voyage of artistic discovery in 2016, pursuing music professionally after over 20 years of classical education in piano and violin.

BRIA’s creativity and expression as a new artist reflect on more than just a musical talent to offer. Not only does she write, produce, sing, record, and perform her music, BRIA is a self-made entrepreneur who dips into many creative avenues.

Exploring a kingdom of heartfelt realizations, BRIA dips into themes of profound exhilaration to put forth the poignant timbres that she releases in “Fight This Fight.” BRIA offers a raw emotional vulnerability from her expressive experiences that shine through each word she delicately pens.

As “Fight This Fight” transitions through her classical roots, you’re immersed in contemporary glimmers of the effervescent Pop styles, which are more felt than heard. With the instrumentation relying heavily on the prevailing keys performed, you get lost in the slow-tempo spirits that emit a beautifully crafted story that unfolds right before you.

The feathery essence of BRIA’s vocals gently cascades with the instrumentation as they come together for a powerhouse performance dripped in heavenly tones. As BRIA shares a cry for help in the susceptible melancholy that is conveyed, she also allows this message to resonate with her audience, so they know that they aren’t alone in a battle of their own.

The dynamism poured into “Fight This Fight” embodies the talents that BRIA’s audience knows and loves her for. Each note pursued discovers a deeper passion that fuels the burning flame within herself. BRIA is determined to have you coming back for seconds.

Congratulations on the heartfelt release of your single, “Fight This Fight.” With the deep themes explored, what inspired you to create this melody?

I was inspired to create Fight This Fight based on my own personal experience of mental health struggles along with the collective energy of so many of us who battle this daily as well...anxiety, depression, mood disorders, the list goes on. Our thoughts, feelings, and moods can change so frequently each day leaving us feeling so disempowered. In one of my most painful cries literally in the shower (one of the song lyrics), I chose to turn my thoughts into lyrics and used that as an opportunity to go sit at the piano and create something. Not only was it healing for me, but I knew it had the potential to impact others collectively as well who experience the same. Lyrically and melodically, I wanted to balance the real-life, more melancholy verses, and to build the song into something more hopeful with longing, desire, and empowerment where listeners can sing along and affirm day and night I’ll fight this fight, I’ll be alright, I’ll fight this fight.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from the messaging of this song?

I am hoping that my listeners will feel empowered to acknowledge how they feel when they are hurting and how normal it is to feel “crazy”. It happens to the best of us. We can feel so helpless at times and I want others to know it is okay to ask for help, to cry out and release emotions. I was asking myself for so long, how can I turn pain into power? It is creating and authentically expressing yourself! That is my message for others. To know that we are not alone in this, that it is okay to be you and embrace your darkness too! It can allow for massive transformation and healing to where we can have the courage and strength to truly fight this fight together. Not only individually, but globally as an empowered community to inspire others by our own healing, spreading love, and being love.

You’ve learned the ropes of your talents from your mentor Harloe. How has her guidance shaped you as the artist you are today?

I can’t say enough amazing things about Harloe. I have been so lucky to learn singing and songwriting from her and have her as my dear friend and mentor. She has always given me such a great perspective and has helped me to expand my talents in ways I never saw for myself. When I really wanted to polish up my songwriting a few years ago, she said why don’t you just sit at the piano, four chords, and see what comes up? I was only top-lining at the time, so it got me back into playing piano more and here I am writing from a more raw and expressive place that is truly in alignment with my soul. I am so grateful for the instruction and learning from her that has helped me truly gain more confidence in my musical abilities and as an artist. She really has helped me to stop holding back, just release the music and trust in myself, divine timing, and the universe. It is always magic in a session with Harloe!

Inspiration comes to you in various forms. Where do you often find the most luck with musical and non-musical influences that shape your sound?

I feel very influenced by the music I listen to and grew up listening to. I have always been drawn to ballads, cinematic sounds, songs that make you feel, that build and give you chills because you just get it. I also feel the sounds of nature, walking, meditation, driving, my own personal experiences and others, real-life situations, day to day thoughts all bring me ideas and melodies at random times. I feel like I’m always writing songs in my head! I hear melody and lyric ideas all the time when I’m driving, or out and about walking, they just come to me.

What would you like listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

-I will always be honest and true. I will not sugar coat. I will get as real as real can get. I will say what needs to be said. What you want to say that maybe you could not put into words yourself. Whether it’s love, loss, heartbreak, I got you! I feel things so deeply, as so many of us do, and being an empath, I feel others' pain too. I will always keep creating music. I live for variety and expansion and exploring new styles and being versatile. I am excited to take my music to new heights! Who knows where it can go! I am here to give my gift of music through my words and melodies hoping that others can relate and allow the music to refresh and heal knowing that I understand you, love you and feel you! You are never alone!



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