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Engage With Kat Spina's Attracting Vibration in, "Can't Stop"

Los Angeles-based artist Kat Spina has been dabbling in more modernistic storylines with recent music. Working with Grammy-nominated producer Brian Forbes, her new work focuses more on adhering to a popular audience, which works incredibly well in her favor.

With a refined voice, Kat Spina shows that she breaks many boundaries when it comes to expressing herself in a physical and emotional sense, which definitely applied to her latest project, "Can't Stop."

"Can't Stop" features a glamorous-like atmosphere, infused with deep, sensual synths. The song focuses on lustful themes, as Kat Spina goes into detail about yearning for a particular individual's touch. It is soon understood that she's exploring the depths of her intimate expressions and our ears are wide open for her sensuous honesty.

Kat Spina definitely displays a wide range of tones with her delivered vocals, with almost whistle-like notes being reached and integrated into the chorus. Combined with such a voluptuous narrative, your attention becomes easily fixated on this powerhouse vocalist, leading to an arousing sensation to wash over. Kat Spina demonstrates that her artistry can be varied with its content, as "Can't Stop" really adhered to a disparate plot compared to other recent singles from her.

Overall, "Can't Stop" proved to be a refreshing new tune from Kat Spina, leaving us in excitement for what she'll share next.

Welcome, Kat Spina! What kind of thoughts ran through your mind once "Can't Stop" was officially released? That's an interesting question. Lyrically, I would say some comparisons exist in the idea of the dreamscape. I wrote “Outside” from a place of freedom from a situation that was unhealthy. I would have vivid dreams about breaking free. “Can’t Stop” is about the allure, excitement, and anticipation of falling for someone. There is a fantasy or dreamlike journey within these lyrics. They both were elicited from being open and free with my writing.

What kind of emotional attachment did you personally have to "Can't Stop," if any?

The connection I have to “Can't Stop” takes me back to Paris! I felt extremely uninhibited and drawn to the way life was savored and experienced. It brought out an essence of romance that reminded me of those initial butterfly feelings and how you find yourself slipping into a daydream about the connection you found. It's electric. Are there any comments you'd want our readers to hear from you regarding "Can't Stop?"

Go on the journey. Songs of intimacy are personal and I always invite my listeners to interpret in a way that makes them feel empowered and encouraged... and this is a dance track, so groove with it! What's next for you?

More on the horizon (remix of a fan favorite, a new single, and a music video for Cant Stop in production), also I interview creatives on my podcast Engaging the Muse, all about the process, creativity, and journey. More episodes coming this fall and to your favorite streaming services! Not to mention, I even have some live performances (east coast) scheduled in October 2021.


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