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Enjoy an Authentic Sonic Experience with OXH

Rising artist OXH has been known for producing hit songs for other artists but has recently transitioned into releasing his own original music. Being a songwriter, producer, and audio engineer gives OXH the opportunity to control every aspect of the creative process and create a sound that seamlessly represents his music style.

During his creative process, OXH will enter a “flow state” in which he reverts to his roots and ensures that he is not trying to copy any other sounds. His focus is on channeling the sounds from within, and his surrounding environment, in order to cultivate a new sonic experience with each track.

While he produces, OXH breaks his songs down into pieces in order to visualize his workmanship as building blocks that will eventually form to construct his pieces of art. OXH often collaborates with vocalist Shaun Wolf who contributes musical diversity to each project as he pieces together melodies with a unique energy.

Discover more about OXH, here.

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