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Enjoy the Cinematic Stylings of ShyBoy within, "The Sky Is Falling"

Releasing a bounty of hope when we need it most, the versatile producer, DJ, and songwriter ShyBoy touch on hope with his exhilarating single, "The Sky Is Falling."

We're always pleased to feature the versatile sounds of ShyBoy, as with each occasion, he lets us into new creative explorations that have yet to be discovered.

Expanding on his recent beacon of hope, "The Sky Is Falling," listeners can experience a deftly-produced and thorough sonic atmosphere through ShyBoy's in-depth production. While also touching on themes of hope to sustain us through the darkest of times, it's without a doubt that this single will inspire any listener who stumbles across.

Opening "The Sky Is Falling," are ShyBoy's warm vocal stylings alongside his dense sonic production. While the sonics offer a relaxed and calming space through their filtered keys and pulsating synths, the track quickly escalates into this modern anthem for hope with each punchy kick and melodic synth arrangement.

About halfway through the track, we settle into the upbeat groove through the crisp drum breaks and striking synths. While ShyBoy sings of building ourselves back up after being bulldozed by emotional turmoil, we truly feel a sense of rejuvenation after experiencing such a thorough and hopeful single like this.

Also releasing a vivid visualizer for the single surrounding the world's tragedies and disasters, ShyBoy makes it all the more clear that if we band together as one, we're able to overcome any setback. Find ShyBoy's single "The Sky Is Falling" on all streaming platforms, and watch the graphic visualizer on YouTube.

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