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Enter a New Dimension with Astral Voyage’s Debut Single “FIYA!!!”

Often known as The Big Electric Orchestra, Astral Voyage has recently hit the ground running with the much-anticipated release of their debut single “FIYA!!!”

Available on Spotify beginning December 4th, the flavorful ensemble introduces their own contemporary spin on the funk genre. Founder and Creative Director of Astral Voyage, Jason Faust originally recorded the track in Spain with an 8 piece band.

After meeting New Orleans singer, arranger, vocal coach, and choir director Josh Kagler, he knew he found the right soulful vocalist for the song. Comprised of the efforts of multitalented musicians from a total of four different countries, “FIYA!!!” is a representation of the musical potential AstralVoyage truly has.

Fans are immediately immersed in the song’s exquisite engineering from the very beginning with a chorus of euphoric trumpets. Soon after, a bass guitar is paired with a groovy beat that will have the listeners shaking their hips to the rhythmic sonic experience.

Astral Voyage continues to incorporate trumpet lines after certain verses for a dramatic emphasis. The lead vocalist showcases his intrinsic vocal talent as he effortlessly transitions from a soulful serenade to a higher-pitched, passionate belting of the chorus.

Astral Voyage easily lures in the listener with their zesty atmosphere, created by the intricate orchestration and production. Combining flavors of funk and disco, “FIYA!!!” keeps the energy level at a high throughout the whole track.

For those die-hard lovers of natural instruments, Astral Voyage shares their appreciation for the organic beauty of music with North Carolina’s alto saxophonist and electronic producer’s soul-shaking saxophone solo.

The fact that “FIYA!!!” includes musicians from a total of four countries makes your music collective extremely unique! Can you tell us a bit more about your collaboration and recording processes?

Our collaboration involves a melting pot of cultural backgrounds. The team that brought FIYA!!! to life are from the United States, Europe, South America, and India. We recorded the foundational elements of the song in Spain while we were all attending graduate school, which is where we met. While we had the privilege to record the majority of the track in a world-class recording studio, the vocals, and lead trumpet were recorded in a small bedroom with one simple microphone in New Orleans, Louisiana. At Astral Voyage, it is our goal to bring people of many different backgrounds together to create no matter what circumstances are present and what resources are available.

Why did you choose to include the saxophone solo in “FIYA!!!”

Our Creative Director Jason Faust, who wrote FIYA!!! was influenced by the music of James Brown to add a saxophone solo. James Brown’s funk music overall was a huge impact on the creation of FIYA!!! and a wild saxophone solo smack dab in the middle of the song only brought more of the wildfire to the track.

“FIYA!!!” is your debut single as an international ensemble. Can you tell us about your plans for your next release?

Absolutely! We are releasing our first album entitled Our Heart in 2021. This album takes the listener on a journey through the essence of the human condition within a massively exciting audiovisual experience. It features Astral Voyage: The Big Electric Orchestra, a 40 piece Electric Big Band!

Can you tell us about your inspiration for “FIYA!!!” What genres inspired you when producing this song?

Jason Faust, who composed and produced the song along with Wyldephyre was inspired by the electric feeling one experiences on the dancefloor surrounded by close friends and good times. Jason’s wild times in New Orleans with trumpet player on the track, Michael Christie, greatly inspired him to write the song. Various styles of music that Jason listened to growing up like funk, soul, gospel, R&B, EDM, and Jazz were major influences on the creation of FIYA!!!

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Despite the global crisis that everybody is facing, such challenges provide Astral Voyage with an outlet to express our values more than ever before. This emphasizes the spreading of positivity, love, and self-empowerment through each individual regardless of geographical location or cultural background. Astral Voyage reflects what it means to be human. The Astral Voyage Community is a global environment that supports each other through the power of music without discrimination. As a collective, our primary goal is to spread messages of love and passion. We strive to connect with a global audience and act as a vehicle of healing for people around the world.



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