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Enter a World of Reflection and Vibes with Nameless Cartel’s “Energy”

With their new Hip-Hop sensation “Energy,” Nameless Cartel continues to win over fans who appreciate “out-of-the-box” music. From the low-key ends of north-west London, the group is making a name for themselves in the UK music scene. “Energy” is the final song of the five-track EP called 'Seasons EP' that Nameless Cartel released at the end of 2020. Although their original plans were shaken up many times throughout the pandemic, they worked tirelessly to get the project out for their listeners in order to spread some good vibes in this time of need.

Thanks to the collective work of the group’s in-house producer Nostra and artists Nameless Cartel, Nameless Vibez, and Nameless Poet, each track from the EP represents a collaborative collaborative shift in the traditional UK music scene. “Energy” is a representation of Nameless Cartel’s musical versatility and diversity. Using inspiration from various genres including Hip-Hop, Trap, Soul, and Drill, the sonic experience includes a meshwork of flavors that will leave each listener salivating for more.

“Energy’s” backtrack consists of a catchy, electronically engineered melody layered over a trap beat that immediately hooks Hip-Hop and Trap music lovers. Nameless Cartel effortlessly flows between verses with deep vocals leaving an intense effect on the senses. The rapper’s British accent gives the track even more originality and leaves the listener with something beguiling to remember Nameless Cartel.

What was the inspiration behind “Energy?” Is there a target feeling or emotion that you were aiming to share? Honestly, Energy was written in early 2018, and by 2019 when we decided we're going to embark on this journey we started looking for beats that would capture the energy on the track. It took a while lol but after 2 beat changes, we found the right one and the rest is history. The feeling we were looking to evoke was excitement, a new lane for those who aren't gangsters or trappers but still have unique experiences to share.

You told us that you included flavors from a variety of genres such as Hip-Hop, Trap, Soul, and Drill when creating “Energy.” Can you tell us how you manipulated these genres in order to come up with “Energy?” The song has a trappy feel to it of course but our approach was not to have an overwhelming/generic sound but to write a hook that would have people vibing and chanting at the same time. Some would say it's aggressive and just in your face and there's some truth to that but from our point of view and the experiences we've had, taking in different genres we laid out some vocals in the background to create a hybrid feel for Energy something genuine and true to us. How does “Energy” compare to the rest of the tracks from your recent release 'Seasons' EP?

Energy was created first before the other tracks on the EP and it helped shape what we wanted to showcase. We had the party/club/rave anthem so we created different vibes on every other track from the chill lo-fi sound of Seasons to Tiffany which is very much for the ladies and the twerking lol. Each song on your EP, including “Energy,” is the collective result of artists Nameless Cartel, Nameless Vibez, and Nameless Poet. Could you tell us about your collaboration and each of your roles in the creative process for this project?

Nameless is for the people that don't conform and don't want to be labeled or be a statistic or a stereotype. Unfortunately for years, we found ourselves on different paths before we realized what we really wanted to do. Musically we're both influenced by the same things. We're 90s babies so we've taken in artists from each genre across the years from 2pac to Aaliyah to Lauryn Hill to Missy Elliot and more recently Kendrick, J. Cole & Drake to name a few. Nameless Poet is the rapper in the duo, the guy who will spin you with the bars, and on the other hand, Nameless Vibes creates vibes so he focuses on the feel and energy the song will give and just compliment each other in every aspect.

What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

We're normal guys you know and somewhat introverted, to be honest, but we enjoy music and that gives us different ways of showing how we feel and what we stand for. The music will never be the same as we will continue pushing ourselves to create something different and at the same time push the listener's ears to take in something new and experimental and ultimately understand it's all about good music.


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